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Shoemaker: With Republicans like Gov. Hogan, who needs Democrats? | COMMENTARY

Just when you thought Liberal Larry Hogan couldn’t possibly be any more of a RINO, he doubles down. Let me count the ways.

In recent weeks, Liberal Larry has seized every opportunity to take swipes at the president. At the same time, Larry gets offended when the president fires back like he did over the weekend by calling Hogan out for spending $9.5 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money on defective COVID test kits.


Remember that debacle? Larry, who is never shy about taking credit, went on a media victory tour, bragging about his brilliant acquisitions, without competitive bids, of South Korean test kits. The only problem is that they didn’t work. Then, according to the Washington Post, he quietly sent another $2.5 million of the taxpayers’ money to the same South Korean company in an attempt to cure the defect.

I know that this is a topic of interest for the Maryland General Assembly, and it should be. However, this is just one of many examples of Hogan’s ineptitude during a very miserable 2020.


Many of us know of folks adversely impacted by his lockdowns which resulted in thousands being unemployed, only to have these same people unable to receive unemployment compensation because of the failures of Hogan’s unemployment system.

In fact, Maryland was ranked near last in the country for the efficacy (or lack thereof) of its delivery of benefits to folks it had put out of work.

And then, there’s the business about letting convicts out of jail early to keep them from getting coronavirus in the hoosegow. Makes sense.

This kind of stuff, coupled with his relentless criticisms of the president, incessant appearances on “The View,” CNN, MSNBC, etc., leads me to the inescapable conclusion that with Republicans like Larry Hogan, who needs Democrats?

And with regard to his critiques of the President, they are interesting given the fact that their egos are similarly large. Tragically, that’s where the similarities end, because like him or hate him, the president has actually accomplished a lot. In six years, Larry Hogan has accomplished virtually nothing, other than keeping a lid on taxes for the most part.

But for all of his many faults (and believe me, there are many), we may have seen his most egregious action this past week. At his most recent press conference, three days before Thanksgiving, and standing should-to-shoulder with his fellow Liberal Johnny Olszewski, Hogan wagged his ample, self-righteous finger at Marylanders and admonished them against congregating with friends and family for the holidays.

But he took it a step farther.

He announced increased executive order enforcement through the jackboot of the COVID police to make sure his edicts are being followed to a “T.”


Furthermore, Lockdown Larry announced the implementation of a snitch hotline where the “Karens” of the world can tattle on their neighbors for having too many people over for turkey and local businesses if they violate Hogan’s rules. I believe the number to call is 1-800-RAT-FINK.

I’ve got to say, I have had about enough. And while I know that the virus is real, and while I personally know folks who’ve had it, the cure can’t be worse than the problem. And the problem is one with a 3% fatality rate.

Furthermore, I can’t find anything in the Bill of Rights that makes them the 10 “suggestions” in the event of a crisis. All of this, including the patronizing finger-wagging is over the top, and is more about control than anything to do with science.

People have to be permitted to live their lives, unmolested by government. Folks have to be provided with information so they can work, interact with their fellow human beings, and celebrate the holidays, in as safe a manner as is possible. And without being encouraged to fink on their neighbors.

I’m heading to the North Carolina mountains for Thanksgiving. I just hope that I will be far enough away to keep Larry Hogan from peeping into my window counting heads.

Haven Shoemaker is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 5. Reach him at


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