I have always maintained that Donald Trump is so corrupt and inherently evil that throwing a dart at any other candidate is a better choice. I don’t say this lightly, and I hope it resonates. Now I think anybody on my block would be a better choice.

Who else could have totally corrupted an organization — the Republican Party — that I more or less have supported for several decades? I have switched my votes over the years a few times, but that’s OK. I could always change my affiliation or become nonpartisan.


But who are these guys — Lindsay Graham, Mike Pompeo, Bill Barr, just to name a few — today? There is virtually no check on the president’s whims and dangerous impulses at the present time, save for the cumbersome and almost doomed-to-fail removal process written into the Constitution.

Blatantly and willfully colluding with Vladimir Putin to give Russia control of the Middle East and at the same time have the edge in Eastern Europe seems to have been accomplished at Trump’s direction with the aid and assistance of both key Cabinet officials and former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani. There is no escaping the damage done to American prestige and, more importantly, our collective economic and military security and, in the age of nuclear weapons, survival as a nation? Is this on a par with Benedict Arnold during the Revolution? I believe so.

Vladimir Lenin called religion the opiate of the masses during the Russian Revolution a century ago. Media exposure — especially being on Fox New but probably true to a lesser extent to CNN or MSNBC — is the opiate for former and future public servants in this era. It must be impossible to resist and on a par with opioids such as Oxycontin.

I think this media addiction fuels Trump’s acute narcissism to the point he is either unable to do the right thing or chooses not to. These conspiracies take a lot of work and strategic planning. Sadly and regrettably, he has a lot of business and economic savvy and, if he so chose, could probably do a decent job as president. Yet trying to satisfy his apparently insatiable ego takes precedence.

I can’t think of any other reason Giuliani would tarnish his formerly solid reputation as “America’s Mayor” to perform such heinous actions damaging to the American people. It doesn’t appear he made much profit from this, although the details are unfolding. It appears he has fallen into same ego trap as Trump and perhaps there is this connection between them.

I am also struck by career federal workers — I’m on a federal pension after 30 years service — willing to risk their pensions and testify to Congress defying the White House instructions not to. Let’s be honest, most career federal managers don’t stick out their necks. This is like the American version of Tiananmen Square and raises my spirits. It now seems likely Trump will be impeached by the House of Representatives yet acquitted by the Senate. To him it will be vindication.

Rep. Jamie Raskin visited my organization of retired federal workers last Friday, the same day Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ukrainian Ambassador, testified to the House Judiciary Committee, on which he is the second ranking majority member. He said how heroic her actions are. He predicted she would eventually become a celebrated American hero. I have since read her opening statement and was blown away.

If we are to survive this impending world calamity — and the jury seems to be out whether we can — it seems that the most cautious of people, the federal workers, are potential saviors. I am upset a bit that I could raise my hand and say that I was Spartacus. Perhaps this column will suffice.

Dave Pyatt writes from Mount Airy.