The big question of the day seems to be, Did President Trump’s telephone call to Ukraine rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors?

To better understand the answer to that question let’s try the shoe on the other foot. What if Biden’s high-paid lawyer went to Germany and investigated Trump and his son’s secret Deutsche Bank account. You know the one that Trump is doing everything he can to keep Congress from seeing. Deutsche Bank has already been fined on more than one occasion for laundering Russian Oligarch money. Paul Manafort, Turmp’s campaign manager, has already been sentenced for this crime so there is reason to believe Trump may have also done a similar crime. It would explain Trump’s love of Putin. What if Biden tweeted about it every day and that tweet was retweeted by every Democratic operative as well as the “fake news” media.


Spin out of Washington has become so sophisticated from both parties that many average people have trouble finding the truth when it is right in front of their own eyes.

We as citizens have been lax in our oversight of our own government for so long we have allowed it to slowly change the rules and enact laws to exempt itself from any law they violate in the effort to remove the citizens will to control them. Laws they gladly hold all of us to. They have cleverly crafted the process of overseeing their own ethics violations and violations of the laws they haven’t yet exempted themselves from so that we can’t stop them when they are clearly doing wrong. High-paid lobby lawyers in the dark of night insert commas or semi-colons into laws to entirely alter the intent of Congress in favor of special interests and against the well-being of “We the people.”

When I see ranking Committee member Jim Jordan go on TV repeatedly and lie to protect Trump’s presidency I can only wonder if his constant denial of any knowledge of the abuse of the boys that were under his care in his prior job as a coach were lies also. This is where we go when people play fast and loose with the truth. It seems like everything Republicans are blaming Democrats of doing is exactly what they are doing right in front of our eyes. Point the finger at them and no one will notice what we are doing.

It’s not just in DC either. Both parties have systematically gerrymandered as many voting districts as they possibly can. They have devised schemes of voter suppression where people they know will vote against them are purged from the roles of eligible voters and absentee ballots are collected by private citizens that alter them. Electronic voting systems have been hacked. Voting machines in the opposition’s districts mysteriously break on election day as long lines of voters finally give up after hours of waiting in line. Candidates are being forced to sign pledges to vote strict party lines and people deemed by law to represent all Americans are being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements of loyalty to one party.

Who else would blow the whistle than someone of the opposite party? The loyalists can’t blow the whistle due to these agreements, so they tell someone of the other party to do it for them.

I don’t know if Nike has created this attitude of win at all costs or if their advertisements are just a reflection of the times. I’m afraid we have come to the junction where “at all costs” is putting this union that has survived for over 200 years in great peril.

We are better than this. We are “One nation under God” and we need to go back to acting like one.

Both sides need to move back from the brink and reestablish an environment where we can all be heard and the best ideas of both sides merged in order to form a “more perfect union.” We have to abandon the idea that we won’t impeach our own as long as he is stretching the bounds of our laws in our favor. It won’t be in “our" favor if it destroys the very union that makes this country really ‘great again!’

Steven Davidson writes from New Windsor.