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Community Voices (Davidson): There are smart steps to be taken to get us back to work

My apologies. When I write I often see things in my thoughts I forget my readers don’t have access to. 

When I wrote my opinion on the Kirwan plan I saw the process as all about money and the way to get better teachers would be to overbid the biggest spenders in pursuit of the best teachers. When I likened it to a sports draft what I was seeing was the pitcher making a half million dollars a year and he can’t even win half of his games.  Ergo, very high paid tenured for life teachers that are incapable of teaching.


In my piece on the COVID-19 I had a reason for using anthrax, ricin, and equine encephalitis as examples. They are a constant threat to human life and there are no known cures for them. Swine flu, SARs, and even ebola now have some kind of vaccines for them. In the case of equine encephalitis I see the roadmap as to how to deal with COVID-19.  Unfortunately, due to the world dropping its guard COVID-19 exploded out of control before safeguards could be put in place. Thus we now need to not just lower the curve in order to deal with the disease, we need to get control over it.  Liken it to a flood. We got a lot of the water barely back into the levees yet many cities and towns are still underwater.

With the horse example there is a very reliable test commonly called COGGINS. Every horse must be regularly tested and by law cannot be moved without a current test. Once we get all of the water cleaned up worldwide we will need a reliable test and a reliable way to track the results of that test. People will need proof of a current test in order to mingle with others that have this certificate of safety. This can be done regionally starting with the regions with the least exposure to the disease which should be the easiest to find those that do have it. 


Once we totally remove the disease from that area entry and exit of all kinds can only be done by people that are certified safe. Just as I described urban sprawl in a prior piece, the circles around the rural areas should be expanded outwards in all directions eventually removing the disease from our shores. 

I know Gov. Cuomo of New York had problems with restricting people’s movements. Would he allow people to enter Times Square if there were a parcel known to contain Anthrax? If I were POTUS I would order the yellow tape be put up around the Smithfield meat packing plant, put FEMA trailers on the parking lot and bring the employees back one at a time after they got their test results. They would keep the plant running and live in the trailers until the rest of that state is cleaned up in a similar manner. 

The POTUS doesn’t even need to do this as the overpaid CEOs of the largest companies have the means to do their own circles. The more areas we clean up the less we have to clean up. This will start the ball rolling in the correct direction and just like a snowball it will go faster as time moves on. 

President Trump, wanting to move the ball faster than is safe, has persistently overstated the amounts of tests and medical supplies available. What he seems to be missing is that as long as there is a single person with the disease in the population it will once again rapidly spread out of control and we will be back to square one. 

Some 800,000 US citizens have had this disease. Assuming a population of 300 million, there are still too many people that will no doubt return the hectic overburden of our hospital resources. Let’s get back to work smartly so that we can do it right the first time. Holding political protests without face masks or social distancing is just pure stupidity!

In the future I will try harder to put on paper what I am seeing in my head.

Steven Davidson writes from New Windsor. Reach him at