Community Voices (Davidson): We should not allow institutionalized cheating in government

“The Verdict” is in and the American people are the losers. As someone who isn’t a senator, I subjected myself to sitting through and listening to most of the impeachment process. Hidden in a host of arguments that didn’t hold water that the president’s defenders were making was one that I found possibly could make sense.

Hunter Biden clearly was wrong in accepting such a huge salary for a position he may have been qualified for yet it reeked with nepotism. It is clearly questionable as to his father’s position creating that job opportunity for him. A partisan inquiry at the time may have cleared Biden senior from blame but left the cloud still hanging over his head as the public was offered no concrete evidence of that being true. He cannot simply keep brushing that off in anger without offering a more even-toned, valid explanation. Trump and his accomplices have had two weeks to drive that point home.


The fact that President Obama has shied from joining the chorus of supporters for Biden tells me he likes his friend but knows this incident isn’t resolved and isn’t going away. Do we really want another campaign where real issues are skirted as “Cloud Strike” and “Burisima” will suck all the air out of the room just as it did with Hillary Clinton’s emails? I would much rather talk about directing our foreign policy away from dictators and back towards our allies.

Behind Biden stand two socialists, which leaves a moderate like myself possibly voting for Trump should one of them emerge. A capitalist dictator is better than any socialist. Speaking of which, this rigged process that lets a backwards state like Iowa, one with a longtime Republican senator, eliminate all of the true moderates before any votes are cast doesn’t work for me. So much for a big tent.

I still can see a third party movement if the Democrats continue to refuse to move to the middle. We need a primary process that when our state finally gets to vote we still have a true moderate on the ballot. I’m not moving to Iowa and I want to actually vote FOR someone I actually want to win. Bloomberg has made a wise choice in creating a backdoor. I’m not a huge Bloomberg fan but should the choice be him or Trump when I hold my nose and vote it will be Bloomberg.

The impeachment trial confirmed my suspicions. Those who have seized power over the decades from both parties have deemed anything they do to obtain that result is not cheating. Those in the party that did it are fine with overlooking the methodology. My eyes were opened to the truth when in the house process one of the Republican questioners rattled off a long list of past presidents from both parties and the lengths they went to in order to get elected. Naively, I thought Nixon was the first. In many instances if something they were doing to seize power was illegal, once they got elected they passed a law to exclude the offense from punishment.

Upon closer examination, the only real impeachable crime is lying under oath for anything other than to protect one’s marriage. As with all other obstructions, the current administration found the solution to that was to refuse to testify under oath. This trial did not establish or change anything. It was there all the time.

I applaud Mitt Romney for his religious convictions. There are a host of others in our government with strong religious convictions who obviously have created God in their image assuming that was the same as God creating them in his image. The difference is making interpretations of his desires to fit your own needs. It doesn’t work like that. I, too, have religious convictions and now that I’m of an age where my reunion with my maker is closer than ever, I have trouble tolerating wrongdoing of any kind. There is no spinning or twisting of facts out of context that absolves those doing this.

I’ve been a gambler (I prefer the term investor) my entire life. We have our own way of dealing with cheaters. Cheating should not be allowable in anything. To imagine that we have institutionalized it in our government makes me shudder. We are better than this.

Steven Davidson writes from New Windsor.