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Cimino: Honor and gratitude for those that help spread message

I’ve been thinking about … honors and gratitude.

The Maryland Association of Fundraising Professionals has a huge celebration every year honoring major philanthropists. It’s held downtown at the Hyatt Hotel in Baltimore and draws between 800 and 900 people. Many familiar Baltimore names have been among the honorees including Marty and Kelly Hill, and the Maryland Community Foundations. This year, the big crowd included between 400 to 500 Carroll countians who made the trek to recognize this year’s honorees, which included Greg and Roberta Kahlert of the Kahlert Foundation.


It was a great event and heartwarming to see one of our own held up to well-deserved adulation. There were representatives there from the Carroll County Public School System, some of our towns, Carroll Hospital, children from the Boys & Girls Club and just about every nonprofit in Carroll County that has experienced the largess of the Kahlert Foundation. That’s a lot of organizations. We are so grateful and, yes, honored that our work is recognized and supported by such good people.

As I began thinking about honors and gratitude I also began to reflect on what has happened this year a little closer to home. I have been given the opportunity to write these columns, 48 now, by the Carroll County Times. They allow me to ramble on about things that I like or that bother me and, yes, they allow me to talk about my work here at the Community Foundation and explain how all this works for the community. But it’s not just me. The Carroll County Times now regularly publishes columns on the opinion page about many of our local nonprofits, thereby educating the public and hopefully inspiring them to “give locally” and maybe seek help when they need it.


And speaking about local, our radio station WTTR is doing something similar. They are inviting local nonprofits to come in and record little commercials that play for a certain period of time and also to be interviewed during “Drive Time” at the end of the day. None but the largest and well-funded of us could ever afford to do such a thing. WTTR deserves our gratitude for this understanding of the value of our service to Carroll County.

And then there is Carroll Magazine. The latest edition, just out, sports a picture of Bonnae Meshulam, the executive director of the Westminster Boys & Girls Club, on the cover, their “Person of the Year. The article inside tells of her successful efforts to raise the necessary money to open a new location on Main Street in Westminster for the Club, which will increase the number of children served many times over. No need to mention the fact that when children do their homework, grades go up and attitudes improve, that when there is opportunity to learn to work a computer or maybe get music lessons, doors of opportunity open for them.

And, just this week, the Community Services Council of Carroll County (a sort of Chamber of Commerce for nonprofits) honored Brenda Meadows, executive director of The Shepherd’s Staff with the Sylvia Canon Haines Humanitarian Award for 2017. Ms. Meadows succeeded Kathy Brown as The Shepherd’s Staff leader and is doing a wonderful job by all accounts.

So Carroll County, we have our own newspaper, our own radio station, our own magazine and they all help promote the wonderful things going on here. We should all be honored and grateful, ya think?