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Bouchat: Time for Carroll County to declare its independence, write its own constitution

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On Jan. 10, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to begin educational work sessions regarding the modernization of our local government.

It is the desire of the board to not only learn themselves, but also enlighten the entire populous. This shall be a very open process concerning all citizens. Therefore, I solicit attendance and comments as we begin this journey that could potentially result in Carroll County officially declaring its independence from the General Assembly.


Like our Founding Fathers, I feel patriotic working with the hope that my fellow citizens could possibly write their own Carroll County constitution then place it before the voters for ratification. These are exciting times to be a citizen of our beloved conservative county.

I know that some of our constituents are scared of any change and fear big government; it is understood. I do not want big government as well.


Therefore, I wish to frame this in personal terms that we all can relate to.

Under our existing system, if it was applied to your household, this is how you would have to live:

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Let's say you wanted to refinance your house or take a car loan. You would have to ask all your neighbors to vote on it first in a 90-day window of opportunity annually. If you wanted to set rules for your children's behavior, the same would apply. Regardless of how terrible your neighbors are with their finances or personal affairs, they would have a say over yours and you would have none over theirs. Even the guy next door that is always in a fiscal crisis begging money from you with an un-maintainable, dilapidated house would have control over your decisions. This is commissioner government in personal terms.

There will be lots of misinformation spread on this subject, as it unfolds based on political science and business administration ignorance, in an attempt to block our county from achieving its independence from our neighbors. Do not fall for the fear mongering and baseless arguments because, at the end of the debate, it will become obvious that most everyone who opposes Carroll County achieving self-governance is indirectly stating you are to immature and irresponsible to manage your money and children without the oversight and guidance of your neighbors. The very same neighbors they openly state are irresponsible as well. It is a disrespectful and condescending position to have toward one’s fellow citizens.

I have faith and respect for my constituents, unlike those that oppose our freedom from power brokers in Annapolis.

What self-respecting conservative believes we are better off under the control of the General Assembly, overwhelmingly run by an opposing party?

As a passionate, life-long student of political science, I believe our 1787 convention delegates wrote into law one of the most important elements of the U.S. Constitution, separation of executive and legislative authority. At present we are operating under a system left over from British colonial rule, where we are both in one commissioner board. Violating the number one tenet in the supreme law of the land.

Unlike other elected officials, I have no problem trying to destroy what I believe to be an unjust consolidation of power into one institution. Therefore, I wish to never be a commissioner again, since it violates my political science principles soundly founded in our founding father's doctrine of separate executive and legislative authority.


Be a patriot, join the movement for Carroll County independence,