Blatchford: Not of the establishment, Trump has given us exactly what we voted for

This column was originally intended to be about the lack of originality shown by too many Americans. It was time to get away from politics. Some 700 words had been compiled and ready for the first edit. Then Dean Minnich’s piece, “Does lying no longer matter as long as ‘our team’ wins,” appeared last Thursday. On to Plan B.

The piece was interesting and I read it twice, taking little exception with any of it. He discusses lying and politicians. To his credit, he named no one. Somehow, however, he seems to be talking about President Donald Trump and how it seems that too many people are ignoring his exaggerations (lies). I took his meaning to be that people are becoming immune and accepting of Trump’s antics and comments.


Not really. For the most part, Trump is accepted because he is viewed not by himself (as Democrats seem to do), but as just one part of a larger untrustworthy body. He may even be viewed as the least offensive.

Trump is only one person. Try stacking him up against the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, “the Squad,” the Clintons, Elizabeth Warren, etc. All paragons of virtue and truth, right? That list is endless. Democrats have so many targets of opportunity that it’s nigh impossible to cut one from the herd, so Trump is easy pickings.

The question seems to be, why do people tend to stick so adamantly with Trump when he so frequently appears to be outrageous? There are multiple answers. The most obvious goes back to his campaign. He is different. He is not of the establishment. People have tired of politics as usual and Trump offered change and hope. We knew that. We voted for that, and we got that.

An even better response was found in an article forwarded to me by a cousin in New England. An excellent explanation comes from one paragraph of a review of Andrew McCarthy’s book “Ball of Collusion.” Whether you agree with McCarthy in general, the following statement is difficult to argue against.

“From my vantage point as an American, the constitutional issue is paramount: The American people elected Donald Trump, and it is horrifying to consider the possibility that a cabal of unelected civil servants supported by the mainstream media [not to mention politicians] might nullify a presidential election. That is why I support the president unequivocally and without hesitation against his detractors.”

I only disagree with the final sentence in that my support is not unequivocal and may contain hesitation at times. Trump may stretch the truth, but among politicians he is far from those who initiated the practice. Which one is worse, yours or mine?

In all candor, another reason he gets my support is my perception that he gives the leftists heartburn. This alone gives me reason to cheer him on because Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, et al have given me heartburn for countless years.

Another reason for our support? How many failed accusations, cockamamie theories and lies lay in the dust of the Democrat thundering herd of subversion to remove Trump? How many more must we endure? Simply put, they make stuff up, throw it against a wall in hopes that something sticks. Doesn’t stick? Concoct yet another. So many attempts with so many failures prompt certain questions. Among them: Are they just dumb? Are they incompetent? Is Trump smarter than all of them?

I suspect the Left can’t stand the idea that a person they consider to be inferior in almost every way actually defeated the one once referred to as “the smartest woman in the world.” It drives them crazy. Seemingly, to the extent that they’ve turned their backs on running the country properly.

Trump is real, Trump is here; but Trump is temporary — unlike senators and representatives who can be re-elected in perpetuity. There’s no question he will be gone by 2024. If the Dems want him out more quickly, they need better challengers than those that they’ve scraped up thus far — and that includes Mike Bloomberg (the soda pop banner). Google “things banned by Mike Bloomberg.” The list is impressive.

As an aside, many conservatives have a new sobriquet. Pelosi is labeling Trump supporters as “rogues.” Now we are “deplorable” and “rogues” as decreed by two lady Democrats. Revel in it!

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. His column appears every other Tuesday. Email him at rpblatch4d@comcast.net.