If one is truly open minded, what lessons might be learned from Donald Trump?

Why did he run for public office? As an immensely successful businessman he had no need to change his path, but he made a choice to serve. He took that infamous fork in the road exposing himself and his entire family to brutal abuse. Among other things, with a Jewish son-in-law, he’s accused of being anti-Semitic. He’s been called a racist with evidence to the contrary. He’s been called a traitor and illegitimate president by Hillary Clinton, the poorest of losers. Are there lessons to be learned?


There is one theory. In a sense, he was sent to us. No! Not by the Almighty, but perhaps by fate.

Both the Democrats and Republicans have lost their way. Democrats have not lost their minds, but they’ve lost the sense of justice, honor and integrity. Seriously? Yup. Two examples.

No. 1: Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, publicly discussed his lie about Mitt Romney’s taxes. When confronted Reid proudly squared his shoulders, laughed and replied, “Well, we won didn’t we?” Folks? Ignore it if you will, but his integrity is nonexistent. This once-powerful Democrat was proud of his lie that helped to defeat a man qualified to be president. Remember when the title U.S. Senator was worn with honor and prestige?

No. 2: Rep. Adam Schiff, D–California, admitted to fabricating his version of Trump’s conversation with a Ukrainian leader. As the chairman of a so-called intelligence committee, he lied. He created a fictitious version of a recorded conversation and then claimed that he engaged in “parody.” Really? An official hearing to discuss serious (they say impeachable) allegations and the chairman resorts to lies instead of facts? However did my country devolve to such baseness? Why are intelligent Democrats not concerned with their openly lying representatives flinging unsupported allegations time after time after time?

But back to Trump, and other Republican problems. As presidential possibilities, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Lindsay Graham have come and gone. At one time or another, Republicans found promise in each of these men. Sadly, each of them wimped out. They all had a touch of bravado, but not in sufficient quantities.

Trump is a gift to show Republicans (if they’re savvy enough to get the message) that they actually can stand up for their beliefs. One can “get in their faces” and challenge them (in true Obama fashion), and still survive. With all his warts, and they aren’t few, Trump is still rightfully president.

How many allegations have leftists, establishment members and deep staters thrown up against the wall that stuck? They keep talking impeachment, but fail to move the process forward. A so-called intelligence committee seems to be in charge of the so-called impeachment proceedings when that is the job of the entire House of Representatives.

For those alleging that Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, it’s time to get off your high horses and get to work. Take it to Nancy Pelosi because she clearly has nothing. She needs your evidence. Name the crime, charge the crime and then prosecute the crime. Pardon my crassness people, but it’s time to put up or shut up. (I have another “country expression,” but I restrain myself.) Anything else is partisan nonsense and is going nowhere. The Mueller fiasco went nowhere. Now a mob of yapping hyenas think they can do better. Who can’t find the humor in that?

Quite frankly, I root for Trump not because I fully support him. I root for Trump, in large part, because of the way so many Democrats act when challenging him. Some laugh when caught in a lie. Others have lied about health care plans and shown no shame. Pelosi told the world that Congress has to pass a bill so you can know what’s in it. No shame.

I root for Trump because not another Republican has the chutzpah to do what he’s attempting to do. I doubt that he will ever be able to drain the swamp because it is composed of Democrats, Republicans and bureaucrats (the deep state) and they are all opposing him.

Who remembers, early on, when it was rumored that Trump wanted staffers to take a loyalty oath. Now fast-forward to today. Anyone blame him? It would seem that he knew what the future held.

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. Contact him at rpblatch4d@comcast.net.