Blatchford: Opinion pieces reinforce that leftists are the dictatorial ones, not Trump | COMMENTARY

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A couple of pieces appeared on the opinion page the weekend before last that caught my attention.

On Aug. 22, a leftist writer went to great pains to analyze, assess “and consider the state of the Republican party.” He then proceeded to explain four subsets of that party — Never Trumpers, Anti-anti-Trumpers, Middle Republicans and Forever Trumpers.


It has always been a source of amusement, and often highly comedic, to read a piece written by a leftist who attempts to describe or analyze Republicans and their motives. Even better are those who offer advice. These leftist “seers” seem so serious and they try so hard in applying their obviously superior intellect and principles to judge and advise their political opponents. None, however, has ever included in their obvious left-handed analyses an explanation of what methods they employed to set aside their political leftist bias. They must assume that the reader will accept their views as pure and devoid of animosity, bias, and avarice.

It seems the writer has no clue that most Republicans are far more multifaceted than to be subdivided into only four subsets. As a result, his effort fell short of the mark as has been noted by several other readers in letters to the editor. Because of the numerous preceding critiques, I’ll make my comments brief.


The writer must have been playing to his own base. Unless he’s totally clueless, he can’t expect the loyal opposition to take him seriously — and what will his own base do with his opinion anyway?

He seems oblivious to the fact that it’s leftists who are attempting to literally tear this country apart — or worse. Leftists destroy private property, attempt to instill fear through intimidation, attack and kill law enforcement officers (LEO’s) and when elected to various public offices stand down and allow the above to happen. There is much more, but I believe the point is made.

Nancy Pelosi frequently chastises non-leftists with “that’s not who we are.” Look at the property destruction, the intimidation, the fear, and injury created by leftists without complaint or decisive action by leftist leaders to halt the madness. This is who they’ve become — Pelosi included.

People who choose to analyze or advise opposition parties about how they might do better seemingly ignore the lawless shortcomings of their fellows. They might be better advised to look in the mirror. As for their analysis of the opposition, their conclusions are often more comic relief than the funny papers. Thanks for that.

On Aug. 23, a letter writer gave a good look at the mindset of many of today’s leftists. In talking about racists (who sadly, like the poor, seemingly will always be with us) he said of racists, “…we know your underlying hate.”

Leftists ascribe the passion of hate to various opposition groups but consider how many cities across the country currently bear the scars of leftist hate. Leftist hate is causing property damage and injury to innocent victims and law enforcement officers. For such critics who accuse others of “hate” may I recommend for your consideration John 8:7? As an aside here, I’m reminded of a quote from Ronald Reagan – “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” ‘Nuf said?

Sunday’s writer claims that racist hate is “unAmerican.” I wonder what he calls the hate of those who attack and kill LEO’s, destroy private and public property, terrorize innocent women and children — anyone caught up in their mobs?

He goes on making a series of leftist style pronouncements. “…we will not allow…” “…we will contain…” “We will not let you…” I suppose that means that leftists are in charge — the deciders of all things moral. Know what I think? Leftists are becoming the fascists they’ve been accusing others of being. They prefer demands over persuasion. And they say Trump is dictatorial.


I noted one commonality between these two writers. Both made reference to our “democracy.” No effort will be made here to convince them of their all too common error. Suffice it to say that our form of government is generally acknowledged to be a republic. Sometimes described as a representative republic or a democratic republic, but a republic nevertheless. For those recalling our Pledge of Allegiance, a reminder is in there. “…and to the republic for which it stands…”

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. His column appears every other Tuesday. Contact him at