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Blatchford: As intolerant PC police maraud, word police are mobilizing l COMMENTARY

As I began to ponder this column’s subject material, the radio was announcing that various polls are showing that former Vice President Joe Biden is increasing his lead over President Trump. So, what are we to make of today’s current polling results? Does anyone really continue to give credence to the pollsters? If you do, I’ll ask you to hearken back to the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag. For months leading up to the election the polls assured Hillary followers not to worry. The voting was over, and she’s got it all. Right up until the next morning. Who among us will forget the surprise? Yup! Even conservatives had bought what the polls were selling.

The thing about polls is that for them to be reliable, respondents must be up front and honest in their answers. In years past most people behaved in that manner. These days, not so much. Nuff said? And that doesn’t consider leftist intimidation. Open Trump supporters have experienced vandalism — to their signs, flags, cars and even homes. Such behavior by anti-Trumpers is leftist behavior and is subject material for another time.


Next up? The PC police have been on my mind as they maraud around the country removing, destroying, and vandalizing whatever they find personally offensive. Their list of offensive objects is long — police cars, police themselves, private automobiles homes and businesses, even their own country which harbors them and gives them sanctuary. Many of these vandals are the same people who constantly demand an inclusive and tolerant society. There’s irony there. If you missed it, go back and try again.

In pondering such activity, the question occurred, “What’s next?” I decided that it wouldn’t be long before the outright banning of specific words becomes a reality. Think Orwell’s “1984.” Orwell’s work is showing as more prophetic as time goes on. And don’t forget, leftists make their impact incrementally ― a little at a time so that it’s not excessively traumatic. They’ve already begun, you know. Recall the phrase “trigger words” — the words to be avoided so that we don’t upset snowflakes.


Given the preponderance of anti-slavery issues, one word they might ban came to mind right away. “South.” Who can hear that word and not have slavery come to mind? Want to really fire ‘em up? Add the word “old” in front of “south.” “South” has gotta go. Only a couple of states will be impacted, and then only minimally. We’ll have Dakota and North Dakota and Carolina and North Carolina. Not much harm there.

Four states could be in for severe naming trauma. Those would be the ones generally associated with the deep “South” — Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. Of course, slavery is the first thing that comes to mind whenever anyone hears those names. Right? Those names gotta go! Our minds are troubled enough these days. Enough with the stresses!

Another word is “gray/grey.” The word and perhaps even the color itself must be offensive. It was, after all, the color of the South’s Civil War uniforms. Surely, once considered, people will find the word and color to be highly offensive.

Eliminating the word “rebel” (and its various derivations) seems a no-brainer. Southern soldiers were referred to as rebels. Many of the PC police have declared that the reason southern soldiers fought was to support slavery. (A short-sighted view, by the way.) Once “rebel” is eliminated, what shall we call your recalcitrant child? Rebellious just won’t do. The racist implications are just too overwhelming for a child to be asked to bear.

Eliminating the word “rebel” will have capitalistic implications. Virtually everyone must be aware of how one word deemed to be offensive has negatively impacted Washington’s NFL franchise. Political and financial implications have and will hit the team — soon to be formerly known as (gasp) the Redskins. The word “rebel” has similar implications. Did anyone think of Rebel Yell before we got here? For the uninitiated, Rebel Yell is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Its process was begun in the mid 1800s and the brand around the mid 1900s. With the Redskins’ (pardon me) current trials and tribulation, imagine the conversations currently held in Rebel Yell’s board room?

That’s all, folks. Food for thought. The PC police have been around for a while. The word police are currently at work and building their ranks. Consider, beware.

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. His column runs every other Tuesday. Reach him at