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Blatchford: A country must protect its borders, why don't we?

After my last column, I received a note asking, “How about your thoughts on the immigration policies?”

OK, Carolyn. You asked for it.


Immigration policies stink. They are inconsistently applied and even occasionally ignored. Many policies are inconsistent with the law.

The long-standing issues on our southern border are a problem of major proportions that politicians of all stripes have ignored for far too many years. The mostly Hispanic incursion (others are reportedly blending in.) is an invasion of our country. Many leftists are in denial, but it seems that some “invasion deniers” are beginning to see the truth. The Washington Post, on May 1, reported, “More Democrats see a ‘crisis’ growing at the U.S.-Mexico border.” What took y’all so long?


Let’s get something out of the way up front. I am not without compassion. People who are downtrodden and persecuted deserve relief. That relief, however, is not guaranteed by our country and certainly not to those who attempt entry by circumventing our laws or “using the system.”

Mexican government, which does little to discourage the flow, should be treated more firmly — at least as harshly as they treat U.S. citizens who violate their borders. The United States is being played for a sucker by Central America. I’m at a loss to understand why our politicians play along.

One other clarification ... I am not anti-immigration. I am anti-illegal immigration and I resent foreign intimidation. Charging our borders, throwing rocks, waving flags of the countries they’ve supposedly forsaken and other unfriendly acts are not ways to be invited in. Their actions belie their tales of oppression.

Those who create false mantras to support illegal immigration are propagandizers. Most irritating is “We are a nation of immigrants.” Liberals have pounded relentlessly claiming that “we are all immigrants.” They declare that we must welcome everyone who wants entry with open arms. Leftists have fabricated an outright lie.

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We are not all immigrants. I will cite my own situation, knowing that it is not unique. The word “immigrant” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence.” I was born in Massachusetts as were my parents and all four grandparents. None of us was ever an immigrant. My mom’s father was the only member of his immediate family born here.

The rest were immigrants from Germany. Except for that German branch of the tree, the rest go back to before the founding of this great country. Every danged one of ‘em! Anyone saying that “We are a nation of immigrants” is short on common knowledge, common sense or worse (and more likely) is deliberately attempting to misguide the ignorant.

Unvaccinated people entering this country can be a source of disease. Who will claim that undocumented illegals have proper vaccinations? In 2000, measles was declared to be eradicated in the USA. Now we have an epidemic. How? Why? It originated somewhere. Unvaccinated U.S. citizens (often mentioned) are susceptible, but it’s unlikely that they are the source. Our southern neighbors are not the most vigilant in preventive medical practices.

A country has a right to protect its borders. Better? Our government has an obligation to guard, control and protect the borders. Lawmakers take an oath to protect the country “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”


Is it naïve to think that our porous border to the south is not being used by bad guys (even enemy types) to gain access to our country? I repeat, “our country!” In ignoring our laws and their oath of office, our legislators (the ones you may have voted for) are complicit in all the crimes committed by illegals. It’s a given that illegal drugs have been crossing the border for untold years. If the drugs are coming, bad guys are coming. MS 13 anyone? Oh wait! They’ve been here for years too.

All too often we get wrapped in emotion — compassion, the children, separating families, etc. How about getting back to basics such as “What should our government do to safeguard the borders?” and “Are they doing that job?” Sadly, it appears that they handle the border about as efficiently as they operate the postal system or VA hospitals.

So many questions, so few answers from leaders. It seems that the solution is law enforcement. Congress has passed immigration legislation. If the laws work, enforce them. If they do not, change them. Just do it!