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Blatchford: Enough coverage of Tiger Woods, enough Capitol hypocrisy, enough leftist propaganda | COMMENTARY

Hey! Did anyone hear? Tiger Woods was in an auto accident. Only if you’ve been living in a tree in a remote forest could you have missed it. Before proceeding, here’s full disclosure. I don’t care for Tiger Woods. Gasp!

Since his going pro, I can’t recall that I ever did. Something about his personal style has grated on me. Some background might help. My dad taught me to play golf in junior high school - at the approximate age of 13 or 14. Two years later, I had lessons with Buster Caudell — the pro at Edgewood Country Club. Edgewood was a “classy” place. Dad belonged to Meadowbrook — more of an average guy’s golf club. The DuPont company had bought the club for its employees and dad had worked for them since about 1934. Anyway, there were no snobs at Meadowbrook. Nevertheless, the usual decorum historically associated with golf was observed. “Proper etiquette” was expected from all — including us kids and we, for the most part, observed the “quiet dignity” of the sport.


Years later comes this guy Tiger Woods — a hugely talented kid. Who could argue that? Two of his habits quickly got my attention. His fist pump and his accompanying facial expression — usually accentuated by a wide-open mouth. (Woods’ uvula is not uncommon and of no interest to most.) No part of such behavior had ever been exhibited by the likes of Palmer, Nicklaus, Rodriguez, Trevino, Mickelson and not even John Daly (Remember grip it and rip it?). Granted that Rodriguez and Trevino pushed the envelope a bit, but never to the point I considered obnoxious. Anyway…

In October 2017, Woods was arrested in a well-publicized DUI incident in Jupiter, Florida. He had “five drugs in [his] system,” according to NBC News. Add a few extra-marital affairs and the infamous incident with his wife trying to make a “hole in one,” with a 3-iron on his SUV windows.


Certainly, Woods being involved in a major accident is news, but the coverage at this point seems to be ridiculously endless — 4 days and counting as of Saturday. Sorry, but in the grand scheme of things, Woods just ain’t that important. Nothing, including golf, depends upon his survival or God forbid yet another “comeback.” Woods’ possible comeback attempt has also become an endless, boring and totally speculative topic.

So, Woods had an accident. Thousands do every day. Some involve fatalities. His, while unfortunate as are most, is no more important.

And the helicopter shots tracking the wrecker as it ferried the totaled vehicle to impoundment... Less captivating than O.J. Simpson’s low speed chase. Enough already!

Seriously? We have no larger issues to engage us? Immigration? China? Iran? Economy? Employment? Biden shenanigans? Come on, man.

Change of subject… In Washington, D.C. the Capitol building is still surrounded with fencing and razor wire. National Guard personnel continue to inhabit the city reminiscent of WWII occupied France or today’s Middle East. All this under the orders of those who not so long ago preached that “walls don’t work.” I hesitate to use the word hypocrites, but as it is said, “If the shoe fits…” Double standards anyone?

Lastly, on an even more local note, there seems to be a plethora of columnists who can’t stop ragging on Trump. Hey, people! It’s time for y’all to start telling us how Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi are fulfilling all your dreams. I mean, seriously, because many of us are missing it. Help us out.

One of my favorite left-leanin’ columnists keeps pulling out the “free and fair election” card. For me, that’s right up there with the “count all the votes” mantra as opposed to counting legal votes. Hearing the words “free and fair elections” so often and “loudly” from leftists reminds me of hype and propaganda — loud and often.

He recently wrote two long paragraphs attempting to make comparisons between Trump, Germany, “the big lie” and Adolf Hitler while ignoring that the fence, razor wire and troops around the Capitol building are ordered by those currently in control. In typical leftist fashion, having completed his Nazi Germany/Hitler comparison, he writes “No, I’m not playing the Nazi card…” Come on, man!


How about them apples. Immediately after making a public statement, the writer denies doing it. Talk about “the big lie.”

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. His column runs every Tuesday. Contact him at