Carl Martens is pictured with his sunset photograph taken from a cruise ship leaving New York City (left) and a photograph of a magnolia blossom (right).
Carl Martens is pictured with his sunset photograph taken from a cruise ship leaving New York City (left) and a photograph of a magnolia blossom (right). (Lyndi McNulty)

Carl Martens is a local photographer who lives at Carroll Lutheran Village in Westminster. Martens began to take photographs in 1996. He currently uses a Cannon EOS with either a 28-550-mm lens or a 28-300-mm lens.

He began to take photography classes at The Johns Hopkins University night school senior classes when he lived in Reisterstown. Martens was near retirement and had always liked taking photographs. “I decided that it was something that spurred my interest,” he said.


Martens and his wife went on trips. At that time, the couple took a bus trip to Nova Scotia which has become his favorite place to visit. “We really liked the photographs I took so I submitted them to the Maryland State Fair,” he said. He won ribbons for his entry.

He has been to Nova Scotia 3 times and always enjoys it. “You see things you do not see around here. They have a big fort in the middle of Halifax,” he explained. The city also features a beautiful park like the one in London, England that Martens likes to visit.

At Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, he took a photograph of the lobster pots on dock. The water was smooth and clear; however, fog was rolling in over the homes in the background, giving it a misty view. It is one of his blue-ribbon photographs.

Ironically, a few years later he went back to the same spot and took another photo, which again won a first prize at the Maryland State Fair.

He submits photographs every year and has won nearly a dozen ribbons for his work over the years.

Martens like to take photographs of scenes. He also likes to take photographs of colorful buildings.

He has taken a blue-ribbon prize photograph of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly nicknamed the Blue Mosque in Istanbul on a trip he and his wife took to Turkey. He took a photograph from a cruise ship as they left the harbor. “I was interested in that particular mosque since it has six minarets and most have only one. They are used to call people to prayer. The Baltimore Sun printed the image in one of their issues in their travel section.

Martens recently returned from a cruise around the British Isles. He took almost 1,200 photographs on the trip. His favorites were photographs of Normandy and the beach.

“I could not imagine how they got through all that,” he said. “I am a veteran and it moved me.”

Martens makes a scrapbook of every trip he takes. It not only included his photographs, it also includes such things as the cruise itinerary, fliers and brochures he picks up during day trips and other ephemera. He puts a collage page of some of the photographs on the cover of the book. His children enjoy looking at his memory books.

Since the bus trips he takes are ones sponsored by the Carroll Lutheran Village Travel Club, Martens puts one of the collage pages from his scrapbooks from each trip in their marketing office for others to enjoy. He has been on 14 bus trips with CLV and 14 cruises with his wife.

Last year, Martens had a solo show at Carroll Lutheran Village.

He is a member of the Carroll County Camera Club ( Martens exhibits with the other members at the Carroll County Arts Council gallery ( He has also shown his work with the club at Carroll Community College and Town Mall in Westminster. Martens also sells cards with images of his photographs.

Martens belongs to the Carroll County Artists Guild ( and exhibits with them all over the county.


“I enjoy the pleasure of creating and capturing a moment in time. I take photographs of butterflies when I can. I take photographs of things that are unique,” Martens said.