An Eye for Art: Westminster photographer enjoying doing what he's 'good at'

An Eye for Art: Westminster photographer enjoying doing what he's 'good at'
John Long is pictured with his photographic image of West Main Street in Westminster called “Fog.” (Courtesy photo)

John Long is a photographer from Westminster. Although he works at the Best Western Westminster Hotel, his first love as a hobby is taking photographs.

Long began to take photographs in September 2009. After he graduated from Westminster High School, Long received a Cannon EOS D60 camera as a graduation present. It is a single reflex digital camera with high performance qualities.


Long began to play around with the camera and his photographs began to evolve and get better. He usually takes outside photographs including nature, sunsets, flowers and animals.

Then he advanced to more artistic subjects; some with symbolism. For example, Long is a big fan of time.

“I believe that time is a very important aspect of life and we should make the most of it. Time goes by so fast. I began to incorporate clocks and watches into my images,” he explained.

He also likes to photograph lights. Long goes to stores that have lots of lights and gets unique photographs of lamps and lighting fixtures. For example, one of his images on exhibit at the current GFWC Woman’s Club Show at the Non-Profit Center building in Westminster is of a group of lamps and is titled, “All the Lights.”

Today, Long spends time selecting subjects for his photographs that are not cliché. He tries to be as original as possible. Some of his images are futuristic designs, inspired by the movie “Inception.” He uses an artistic iPhone effect that produces a mirror effect. One image is called “Two Johns” that is John and himself facing each other.

Many of his photographs reflect what is going on at the time in his life. He shows his feelings in his photography.

Currently, Long is in two art shows in Westminster. He is exhibiting in the 16th annual Carroll County Arts Council Members Show running through Aug. 3 ( His expertly taken image of West Main Street in Westminster at 4 in the morning with a dense fog under a street lamp imparts an eerie solitude to the otherwise busy street seen during daylight hours. It is aptly titled “Fog.”

His images in the current Women’s Club show also include a pug, a brick wall, lamps and a pocket watch, photographed from a artistic point of view. The show aptly titled, “Listen to your Art,” runs through Sept. 14.

His favorite photograph was taken in January 2013. He was a passenger in a car at sunset. Long was watching the sun go down. He was at the right place at the right time. A group of birds flew across the sunset and he snapped the photograph with his iPhone.

“In the future, I would like to photograph cities any anywhere there is lots of positive activity. I would like to visit New York City and Washington, D.C. I am also interested in the architecture which provides a lot of opportunities to get a good photo,” he said.

“The reason I do photography is that from an early age I felt like an outcast and not as good as anyone else. Photography is what I am good at and it makes me happy.”