An Eye For Art: For Eldersburg's Martinez, art opens her soul and lets her imagination bloom

An Eye For Art: For Eldersburg's Martinez, art opens her soul and lets her imagination bloom
Angie Myers Martinez is an artist from Eldersburg. (Courtesy photo)

Angie Myers Martinez is a local artist from Eldersburg. “I come from a family of artists,” she said.

Martinez’s grandmother was an oil painter. Her mother was a charcoal artist and a free spirit.


“My mother was very creative. She told encouraged all to be creative and open our right brain,” Martinez explained.

When Martinez was 5 years old, she and her sister drew and made their own paper dolls. They did that for hours. By watching family members do artwork, she always looked at things with an artist’s eye. She loves color and texture.

Martinez has five children and as her children grew up, she did everything with them. She also painted signs for the schools. Her husband was in the Marine Corps so when they were stationed in Twentynine Palms in the desert, there was no art teacher. As a result, Martinez became the second grade art teacher.

As the family moved around the country, Martinez enjoyed decorating each new home and painted murals for the children on their walls. She painted big dessert murals when they lived in the dessert. When they moved to North Carolina, Martinez painted an underwater scene for her children complete with an octopus and a dolphin. It was an under the sea bedroom.

She created all the new letters for the Marine Corps wives and helped to run the fundraisers. She painted the signs, advertising and decorations. They had a Marine Corps scholarship fundraiser for Marine Corps children, so Martinez had to make a donation from her home state. She got so many donations that she did a Baltimore basket and a Maryland basket.

Her brother is the well known “Little Vinnie” tattoo artist in Carroll County. One of her sisters, Lauren Pobletts, is also an artist. She owns Gypsysysters in Sykesville.

“She is an across-the-board artist,” Martinez said of Pobletts, who paints, makes jewelry, essential oils and candles.

Her other sister Kate Klipp has her own glass studio in Walkersville called “Coal Depot Glass Studio.” She is also a painter.

When Martinez moved back to Maryland, being with her family helped open and encouraged her artistic talent. Martinez moved to Carroll County in 2010. She loves Maryland and small towns. Martinez portrays them in her own unique whimsical style.

Another outlet for her creative talent is singing in a group called “Soulflower,” She and her boyfriend Tim Goonan play for wineries and weddings.

Her latest creations are rock art — “Rock the Earth” art. She paints on Mexican beach pebbles. The pebbles are very smooth. Martinez does sets of Chakra stones. They are stones for meditating and positive healing. You put them on your body during meditation for positive energy.

She also paints ”Inspirational Stones.” They make great gits and garden treasures. The stones are handpainted with quotes, lyrics and inspirational images. Martinez also makes memorial stones for lost love ones and pets.

Some of her rocks are painted with mandalas which are spiritual symbols representing the universe.

“Art is endless,” Martinez said. “It opens my soul. My imagination blooms. It helps me see the world in a beautiful, colorful and positive way.”


She can be contacted at or her Facebook page “Sunflower.”