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Commissioners approve year-end budget adjustments

The Board of Commissioners approved a series of year-end adjustments to Carroll County's fiscal year 2016 budget on Thursday.

In total, $33.9 million in transfers were approved by the board. Commissioners Richard Rothschild and Doug Howard were not in attendance, but were reportedly watching a live video stream.


"This is basically cleaning up the year that ended, fiscal year '16," Budget Director Ted Zaleski said.

The largest transfer included $33.4 million in transfers related to benefits.


The transfer, Zaleski said, effectively moved money budgeted for benefits from a central spot into the county's various budgets. It did not, he said, add to the amount of money spent.

The board also approved $344,571 in transfers within departments and $151,102 in transfers from the reserve for contingency to cover overruns in liquor licenses, fire protection, and infrastructure and investment. In the capital budget, $3,646 in funds left over from self-help projects was transferred to a general self-help fund.