Refreezing still possible, even as temperatures warm over weekend

Warmer temperatures and a respite from precipitation will both be welcome changes this weekend, but drivers should still be wary of overnight freezing temperatures and potential slick conditions.

"We've gotten so used to temperatures in the single digits and teens that anything above 30 is going to feel warm," said Keith Krichinsky, a Hampstead resident and Foot's Forecast adviser.


Temperatures are expected to be in the high 40s by Sunday, which is what the temperature averages at this time of year, according to Krichinsky, but could dip back below freezing overnight.

"It's going to freeze again," Krichinsky said. "There's no question about that."

Roads could be slick at night and early in the morning before the sun has a chance to melt ice, State Highway Administration spokesman David Buck said. SHA crews will remain on call through the weekend to respond to areas that become slick.

State roads were in good shape by Friday afternoon and crews had turned their attention to widening shoulders and clearing side roads, Buck said.

"Having the sun out works wonders," he said.

The best thing drivers can do, other than using caution on slick or slushy roads, is make sure their cars are completely cleaned off if they haven't done so already, Buck said. Snow and ice can obscure the driver's view and be a hazard for other vehicles on the road.

Temperatures should rise gradually enough to melt snow slowly and keep roads from flooding, Krichinsky said.

Buck noted that people living in areas prone to flooding should track conditions and clear storm drains near them to ensure melting snow has somewhere to go.

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