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Students may have shorter spring break next year

Carroll County Public Schools students may have four days off for spring break next school year instead of the typical six days.

The Carroll County Board of Education is scheduled to approve the 2015-2016 school calendar, which includes a four-day spring break.


The spring break would be scheduled from Good Friday until the Monday after Easter, said Superintendent Stephen Guthrie.

The shortened break is affected by other prescheduled school dates, he said. If the school system kept the six-day spring break, students would be going to class into the third week of June.


The calendar will also include six emergency closing days instead of the four or five days usually included, Guthrie said.

The school system is adding the extra days to accommodate another expectedly harsh winter after the polar vortex that afflicted last winter, he said.

"If we use more than that, we have other options," Guthrie said.

The calendar will go to public comment before the school board approves it.

The school board might also be losing some local control over the calendar in the coming years, as Maryland legislatures have formed a committee to study the feasibility of mandating the school year start after Labor Day, Guthrie said.

He said it is unclear if the mandated start date will begin in the 2015-2016 school year or 2016-2017.

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