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Hampstead's new town manager checks in

Hampstead has a new town manager in Tammi Ledley, a Hampstead resident with a background in economic development projects with the state of Maryland.

Ledley is taking over from interim Town Manager Kevin Hann, who filled in after the departure of former Town Manager Brad Plante in March. Hann has now returned to his former position with the town as the assistant superintendent of public works.


Hampstead Mayor Chris Nevin administered Ledley's oath of office at the Aug. 12 meeting of the Town Council, and Ledley started on the job on Aug. 18. The Times caught up with her to find out how she is doing at the new job, what she thinks about the challenges ahead for the town and how she enjoys living in Hampstead.

Q: You were sworn in as Hampstead's new town manager on Aug. 12 and officially started on the job on Aug. 18. How have the first two weeks gone for you? Have there been any surprises?


A: I am very fortunate that the town staff are wonderful people that are great at what they do. So, my first two weeks have been full of surprises for me but nothing that the staff can't handle. Kevin Hann, the interim town manager, made the transition seamless.

Q: What led you to apply for the town manager position?

A: I wanted to get involved in the activities in my backyard and help shape the future of my hometown.

Q: I understand you have a background with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Can you tell us about your time there and how that experience will translate to running the town office?

A: When I worked at DBED I spent a lot of time on the road visiting businesses and communities across the state. I was able to meet a lot of people and learn how different communities operate. This has given me a wealth of knowledge about how towns are successful, plus many people are just a phone call away if I have any questions.

Q: There are some large projects looming for the town, the Main Street revitalization project and the water main replacement. Have you even been involved with projects of that scope before? Are you doing anything to prepare?

A: We had a meeting about the water main replacement on my third day. The main players of this project have already begun working together and they make a good team. As for the Main Street revitalization project, I plan to visit other main streets to see what made their projects successful. I am also meeting with the Main Street project manager from the state in the next couple weeks. Effective communication is going to be key in making this a smooth process for everyone.

Q: Beyond the projects already on schedule for the town, are there any projects or areas you would like to focus on in the first year on the job? Anything you may be particularly looking forward to?


A: My background is economic development so I am looking forward to working with the local businesses to help them succeed especially during the Main Street Revitalization project.

Q: Change of subject: Do you have a favorite sports team?

A: At this point of my life, my favorite sports team is my youngest daughter's, Julianna, softball team.

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Q: You're a Hampstead resident. How long have you lived in town and what led you to move here?

A: My family and I moved to Hampstead 12 years ago when my oldest daughter, Somer, was starting first grade. We chose Hampstead as our home because it has a great school system. My husband and I felt it would be a great place to raise our daughters. And we were right!

Q: What's your favorite thing about the town of Hampstead?


A: I like that Hampstead has that small town feel but you still have plenty of conveniences. I was raised in a very small town in West Virginia and living in Hampstead made me feel at home.

Q: Anything else you might like to say by way of greeting any residents who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you?

A: Please stop in town hall and say "hello" because I would love to meet you. We have our council meetings the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at town hall and residents are encouraged to attend. The next meeting is Sept. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

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