The winners of the 9th annual PEEPshow were announced at an award ceremony Wednesday evening at the Carroll Arts Center

The winners of the ninth annual PEEPshow were announced at an award ceremony Wednesday evening at the Carroll Arts Center. Taking home the grand prize was "Swpeepish Chef," an 8-foot-tall recreation of the popular Muppets character the Swedish Chef — complete with terrified Peep chicken — created by Christian Twamley.

This is Twamley's first year back at the PEEPshow after winning the grand prize for "Some People are Worth Peeping For," a sculpture of Olaf the snowman from the Disney film "Frozen" in 2014.


Twamley said the PEEPshow is a creative outlet for him and just about the only type of sculpture he engages in all year. He said it's gratifying to take home the grand prize again this year.

"It's great that all that hard work added up to something," Twamley said. "I didn't start until about January, but there's at least 200 hours into that sculpture."

Twamley said he chose the Swedish Chef as his subject because of a life-long passion for the Muppets and a desire to choose something that would seem truly unique.

According to Sandy Oxx, executive director of the Carroll County Arts Council, the PEEPshow brought in more than $75,000 from the sale of Peep merchandise, voting tickets and other activities. Oxx said she was thrilled with the turnout this year and is looking forward to seeing what people bring to the table next year for the PEEPshow's 10th anniversary.


PEEPshow Winners

Grand Prize, with 4,380 votes: "Swpeepish Chef" by Christian Twamley

1st Place, with 4,006 votes: "Here Comes Peeper Cottontail" by the Mondor family

2nd Place, with 3,376 votes: "Winnie the Peep" by Katrina Dumont

3rd Place, with 3,141 votes: "Snoopy's Christmas" by Bert, Jacque, Julie, Pierce and Ian Wilhelm; and Kim Murray

4th Place, with 2,774 votes: "Kung Fu Panda" by Tristar Martial Arts

5th Place, with 2,598 votes: "Snoopeep" by Lia Finch and M


6th Place with 2,196 votes: "Just Sold" by Vivian Davis and Kim Fitzgerald

7th Place, with 2,148 votes: "Kung Fu Panda II" by Sydney Blacksten

Best PEEP Film, with 1,282 votes: "The Streak" by Abbey and Emehlia Nelson

Runner-up PEEP Film, with 1,162 votes: "Pépé The Peep" by Danielle Sicotte and Peyton Eckard

The Special Achievement Awards were as follows:

Director's Choice: "Georgia O'Peeps" by Micia and Kate White

President's Choice: "Tribute to JeanneBird" by Arts Council staff

Staff Favorite: "Fauxberge Eggs" by Sara Phillips

Best Group Effort: "Peep Now or Forever Hold Your Peep" by Troop 305

Most Photogenic: "Spring Peepers" by Cheetah's 4-H Club

Most Timely: "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" by Strategic Acquisition Frederick Division I

Best Business Representation: "Smile for the Birds" by Scott, Pitrone, Sorkin and Jarvis Orthodontics