Creator wins big at 10th annual PEEPshow

Sandy Oxx presents award for PEEPshow first and grand prizes.

Size mattered as the largest sculpture, "Mother of (Peeps) Dragons," took home the grand prize at the 10th annual PEEPshow at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.

The Carroll County Arts Council hosted its concluding ceremony Wednesday for the PEEPshow, which has brought tourists and residents to the Arts Center to check out more than 150 Peep-inspired pieces of art over the past 10 days.


Vivian Davis' sculpture of an 81/2-foot-tall dragon with a 6-foot wingspan featured more than 5,000 Peeps and earned 7,702 votes.

This year, voting was split between in-person and online, where viewers were invited to donate a dollar to the arts council in exchange for a voice in choosing what the top Peep piece would be.


According to Sandy Oxx, executive director of the Carroll County Arts Council, online voting took off in the final minutes of the PEEPshow, with about $2,000 coming in with less than 10 minutes until the polls were closed.

This year, the PEEPshow saw more than 25,000 visitors over the 10-day period visiting each of the sculptures within.

Davis said she was thrilled to take home the grand prize, determined by a combination of in-person and online voting. She said she began working on the dragon's armature after Christmas, but didn't apply her first Peep to the final piece until March 14.

"I'm a big fan of 'Game of Thrones' and I just love dragons," Davis said. "It was the 10th year, and the shoe I made last year was big, but I wanted to make something really big to honor it."


Davis thanked her family for putting up with what turned into eight-hour work days in the weeks prior to the PEEPshow as well as her sponsors Kim Fitzgerald and TutoringArt.com. For the grand prize, Davis won a giant plush bunny; a special VIPeeps visit to Just Born, the maker of PEEPS in Bethlehem, Pa.; and an overnight stay at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem.


10th annual PEEPshow winners

Audience Favorite winners

In person votes:

•Best PEEP Film with 466 votes, "The Gingerbread Peep" by Sandymount Elementary School

•Fifth place with 2,926 votes, "Beauty and the Peep" by Candice Birger of Westminster Cake Studio

•Fourth place with 2,930 votes, "Edgar Allan Peep" by Christian Twamley

•Third place with 3,738 votes, "Mr. Peep-tato Head" by Katrina Dumont

•Second place with 4,089 votes, "So That We May Live in Peeps" by Rob Mondor

•First place with 7,527 votes, "Mother of (Peeps) Dragons" by Vivian Davis

Online votes:

•Fifth place with 500 votes, "Just Gumby" by Sydney Blacksten

•Fourth place with 618 votes, "So That We May Live in Peeps" by Rob Mondor

•Third place with 650 votes, "Surfing Pikachu" by Natalie Coe

•Second place with 797 votes, "Five Nights at Peeps" by Lillian Worley

•First place with 811 votes, "Mr. Peep-tato Head" by Katrina Dumont

•Grand prize with 7,702 total votes (combined 7527 in person and 175 online), "Mother of (Peeps) Dragons" by Vivian Davis

The PEEPshow is a fundraiser for the Carroll County Arts Council and visitors' votes will select the Grand Prize Winner and Audience Favorites. As of Sunday afternoon, the show had attracted 19,000 visitors.

Sponsors' Choice Awards

•Carroll County Office of Tourism: "Orioles Bird Peepland" by the Osborne family

•Just Born: "Peepmobile" by Lia Finch & M

•New Windsor State Bank: "Peepstones" by Kristen Davis

•Quantum Internet: "Bringing Peeple Together" by Habitat for Humanity

•Edward Goldman DDS: "Mother of the (Peeps) Dragons" by Vivian Davis

•Edward Jones: "So That We May Live in Peeps" by Rob Mondor

Special Achievement Awards

•Staff Favorite: "Carroll County Peep Quilt" by Heather Henck and Jill Schiller

•President's Choice Award (Anne Blue): "Benedict Bunny Explores Carroll County" by Elly Hoack

•Director's Choice Award: "Peep Guitar" by Glenn, Ron and Paul Brown

•Marvelous Miniature Award: "Snow Peeps" by Sondra Sarles

•Best Use of a Single Peep: "Jafar Peep" by Gia Bongiovani

•Museum Masterpeep Award: "Mere et Enfant avec Peep" by J.V. Porter

•No Peeps Harmed Award: "No Peeping" by Flo Combs

•Hi-Tech Award: "3-D Printed Peep Parade" by Ting Makerspace

•Drama Queen Award: "Aristopeeps" by Carolyne Paschal

•Downtown Good Neighbor Award: "The Center for Healthy Peeps" by Vickii Engel Thomas

•Multi-Cultural Arts Award: "Swedish Dala Peep" by Abby Sievers

•Festival of Wreaths Favorite: "Baltimore Peeps" by Kortney and Marlee Hill

•Best Diorama: "Peeping in the Great Outdoors" by Ace Phelps

•Best Literary Award: "Peepschool Library" by Almost Family Child Care

•Best Photo Award: "Peeps & Carrots" by Rosey Canapp

•Best Mosaic: "The Peep Wave off Kanagawa" by Kim Prati

•Silly & Sweet Award: "Peepholes" by Candy Aaron

•Best Business Representation: "Peeptastic Palm" by Royal Palms Travel

•Best Group Effort: "Spirit of the Season" by Westminster United Methodist Youth Group

•Good Dog Award: "Peeping Tom" by Peggy Petenbrink and Cherie Casey

•Glamour Girl Award: "Lou'peep'tins Peep Toe Shoe" by The Parlour Room at Phenix Salon Suites

•Best-Dressed Award: "Victoria's Peepscret" by Tracey, Gina, Carol, Lori and Robin

•Best Historic Recreation: "Battle of Peepminster" by Historical Society of Carroll County

•Feline Favorite Award: "Grumpy Cat" by the Grundy family