After spending a weekend trying to solve the world's greatest problems at the Harvard Model United Nations simulation, students from McDaniel College found themselves trapped in an quandary without a solution — a blizzard.

The students, mostly members of the International Simulation U.N. January term course, were stranded in Boston after the conclusion of the event when their flight was canceled because of a snowstorm that has buried much of New England.


The flight, initially scheduled for Sunday evening, had to be rescheduled for a Tuesday evening departure.

Cody Knipfer, of Ellicott City, led the group as this year's head delegate. He said they started suspecting the plane ride home would be canceled Saturday as snow started to pile up outside their windows.

Between Saturday and Sunday, nearly a foot of snow fell in Boston, which, combined with the nearly 4 feet of snow that has fallen since Feb. 1, set a record for the highest accumulation ever in one month for the city.

Knipfer said the extra time in the city led to some problems for the group.

"We kind of ran out of money quick," Knipfer said. "Boston's not a cheap city. Thankfully McDaniel really provides for its students, and our faculty adviser provided us with some spending money to go out and see the sights."

During their extended trip, students did a little bit of exploration of the area, visiting museums and taking in the sights at Harvard University. Despite the extra time in the city, though, the students didn't get the chance for the full Boston experience, said Alexandra Seiler, of Essex Junction, Vt.

"Public transportation was shut down on Sunday," Seiler said. "On top of that, a lot of things were closed because of the snow as well. It really limited how much exploration we could do. A lot of us tried to stay back and do whatever homework we could do."

Back in Westminster, McDaniel classes have not taken a break while the students wait to return home. Seiler said they're trying their hardest not to fall too far behind their classmates while on the unscheduled vacation.

"A lot of us, being students, have student responsibilities. It's been a struggle. We left on Wednesday, and now we've missed two more days of class on top of that," Knipfer said. "Excuse the snow puns, but the work has just piled up and now we need to plow through."

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