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McDaniel College announces new $100,000 scholarship for children of educators

High school seniors with a parent or guardian who works full time in K-12 education are eligible for a new $100,000 scholarship to McDaniel College for admission in fall 2016.

Any service in kindergarten through 12th -grade education, public or private — including teachers, counselors, nurses, custodians, support staff and administrators — qualifies for the Educator's Legacy Scholarship, as long as the parent or guardian has at least four years of current and consecutive employment, according to a McDaniel news release. Parents must also submit a letter on school letterhead from a school administrator verifying their employment record.


"We have been looking for ways to continue our commitment to access and affordability, and this is yet another example of an opportunity that we can make possible to a population that we believe is incredibly deserving of the opportunity to have a McDaniel education," said Florence Hines, vice president for enrollment at the liberal arts college in Westminster.

Students will be required to have at least a 2.5 GPA to receive the scholarship, and the parent or guardian must complete and file an online K-12 employment verification form. The scholarship is open to students whose parents or guardians are from any of the 50 states, and there is no limit on the number of students who can receive it, Hines said.


"We are targeting a group of people and allocating some of that funding to fund this program, but there are really not limits on it in any way at this time," Hines said.

The $25,000 annual scholarship is renewable each year for students who maintain satisfactory academic progress. The estimated tuition at McDaniel for the 2015-16 school year is $39,500 for both residents and commuters. For students who live on campus the annual total cost of attendance is about $52,000, which includes tuition and fees; room and board; books and supplies; a loan fee; personal expenses and miscellaneous fees; and transportation.

"The cost is high, but the work that the parents are doing is so critically important to the future. And they might not be able to afford it out of pocket, but they might very much be the type of parents who would love to have their children have this opportunity," Hines said.

Hines said the college offers a wide range of scholarship values, including a program that offers more than $25,000 a year that students are invited to compete for, and an academic scholarship category that is in the $22,000 to $25,000 range.

The school, which has an annual scholarship budget of more than $30 million a year, is using a mix of its own funding and endowments to pay for the scholarship, Hines said.

"McDaniel has successfully trained teachers and administrators for over 100 years, and the college has a tradition of producing top educators," McDaniel President Roger Casey said in a prepared statement.

Three of the past five Maryland Teachers of the Year were McDaniel graduates, including the 2011 National Teacher of the Year, Michelle Shearer.

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While McDaniel doesn't offer a major in education, it does offer a minor, Hines said. Between 5 and 10 percent of students who have graduated over the past five years have done so with an education minor, according to information provided by college spokeswoman Cheryl Knauer.


"We are proud of this legacy and want to celebrate our commitment to educators by rewarding elementary and secondary school employees for their work in preparing the Class of 2020," Casey said in the prepared statement. "That is why we decided to announce this new scholarship during American Education Week. Four years of service in any school or school district by a parent equals $25,000 per year for their child."


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