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4 Carroll commissioners, 7 county staff attending MACo conference

Carroll County taxpayers will be footing the bill for four county commissioners to attend all or a portion of a four-day conference in Ocean City this week, including two commissioners who will be out of office in December.

The Maryland Association of Counties' Summer Conference kicks off Wednesday at the Roland Powell Convention Center. Carroll Commissioners Richard Rothschild, Doug Howard, Haven Shoemaker and Robin Bartlett Frazier are scheduled to attend.


In addition, seven county government employees will also be attending. The county has estimated it will cost $12,000 for the commissioners and employees to attend the conference.

Two of the commissioners planning to attend, Frazier and Shoemaker, will be in office only until December when a new board is seated after the November general election.


Frazier, R-District 1, said she was elected to serve the people of Carroll for four years, and until her time is up she will do everything she can, including going to the MACo conference, to learn and bring back useful information to the county.

"I'm here until December and it's a good opportunity to share things that we learn that are good for the folks of Carroll County," Frazier said.

Frazier said she is also attending the conference because she was scheduled to participate on a panel titled "That's My Right! Responding to Constitutional Challenges." Frazier will discuss the county's legal battle to continue saying sectarian Christian prayers at the beginning of public meetings.

Another reason, she said, is because she serves on MACo's board of directors and has a responsibility to attend the yearly conference.

Shoemaker, R-District 2, said that while he no longer will be serving on the board come December, he may still be serving the people of Carroll as their representative at the Maryland House of Delegates. Shoemaker and two other Republicans are running against two Democrats for three seats in the 5th District in the November general election.

"Assuming I'm successful in November, I'm still going to be looking out for the interests of Carroll County in this new job," Shoemaker said.

The MACo conference will give Carroll officials the opportunity to network with elected state and county representatives.

"A little networking goes a long way sometimes," Shoemaker said.


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Who's going

Here is a breakdown of the county officials and employees that will be attending all or portions of the Maryland Association of Counties Summer Convention beginning Wednesday.


•Robin Bartlett Frazier, R-District 1

•Haven Shoemaker, R-District 2


•Richard Rothschild, R-District 4

•Doug Howard, R-District 5

County employees

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Carroll County Breaking News

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•Tim Burke, county attorney

•Ted Zaleski, director of the county's Department of Management and Budget

•Phil Hager, director of the county's Department of Land Use, Planning and Development


•Kimberly Frock, administrator of the Carroll County Bureau of Human Resources

•Madeline Morey, director of the Carroll County Department of Citizen Services

•John "Jack" Lyburn, the county's administrator of strategic accounts and outreach

•Bonnie Staub, county tourism manager