Chanting "Hayride! Hayride!" Noah Price, 3, braved his first autumnal excursion on a trailer pulled by a farm tractor during Bedlam Bypass, a kid-friendly outing hosted by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department.

"This is his first time. We wanted to give him a treat," said Noah's grandmother Mary-Jo Price, of Hampstead.


According to John Krebs IV, a member of the fire department's board of trustees, the hayride is a little over three miles long. On Sunday afternoons, the department offers a non-scary hayride for kids of all ages, which includes a trip to a pumpkin patch. The hayride converts to Bedlam in the Boro on Friday and Saturday evenings, during which participants encounter "some of the darkest, spookiest and scariest parts of Lineboro."

"There are different scares and things that jump out and go boo along the route. It's usually a 30 to 35 minute ride. If they wish, they can go through a 3,300 square foot haunted house with at least a dozen rooms. It's a good evening's entertainment and it helps support the fire department," Krebs said.

Deb Kidd, of nearby Glenville, Pa., said the hayride is a great family outing.

"Sometimes, we're so busy that coming together is hard, so this is a great way for everybody to get together," Kidd said, adding, "It's great community camaraderie and a big part of the neighborhood."

Brittany Hale, of Spring Grove, Pa., took the ride with her husband Joshua and their daughter Kayleigh, 7 months.

"It's her first hayride. She really liked it," Hale said. "I'm way too scared to do it at night. This was a good way to get outside and be with my husband and baby."

Eric Hanson, of Glen Rock, Pa., brought son Evan, 9 months, and daughter Delilah, 3-½, on the ride.

"I enjoy spending time with the kids. It's something we do every year," Hanson said.

After the ride Patrick Kidd, of Lititz, Pa. and his wife, Kate, helped their daughter Mae, 17 months, pick out a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

"My brother, Kevin Kidd, volunteers here. We wanted to support him," Kidd said.

The fire department's Emergency Medical Services Captain Linas Saurusaitis said the event, in its 21st year, is kept going by the younger volunteers.

"A lot of young people stepped up and kept everything going this year. They did a great job. We're blessed to have a good group of young people in the department," Saurusaitis said.

Matthew Warren, 19, is a fire department volunteer and the co-chair of the event's haunted house.

"We start working on it in July. A couple of weeks before it starts, we're here almost every night. We never have the same thing every year," Warren said.


Warren said he was pleased with how the attraction has turned out.

"This is what keeps our fire engines on the street. It's our number one fundraiser. We're very proud of it," Warren said.



If you go:

What: Bedlam in the Boro

Where: Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department, 4224 E Main St, Manchester

When: Friday and Saturday nights, 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Through Oct. 31.

Cost: Adult Combo, $16, includes both attractions.

Child Combo, $10, includes both attractions. For age 8 and younger.

Adult Hayride, $12, Hayride only.

Child Hayride, $8, Hayride only. For age 8 and younger.

Adult House, $10, House of Horror only.

Child House, $8, House of Horror only. For age 8 and younger.

Adult RIP, $25, skip the lines for both attractions.

Child RIP, $20, skip the lines for both attractions. For age 8 and younger

For more information, visit http://www.lineborovfd.org/