Tattoo studio helps kids leave a permanent reminder of Father's Day

Jason Lynn, of House of Madness Tattoos in Hampstead, patiently coached Hunter Heinbuch, 6, as he tattooed a turtle on dad leg. The turtle, a hand drawn Hunter original, will be an indelible reminder of this Father's Day.

"We thought it would be something special for me and my son," said Timothy Heinbuch, of Arbutus, Hunter's dad.


Heinbuch said his wife surprised him with the idea after seeing Lynn's advertisement on Facebook. Lynn, who held a Father's Day free tattoo event in 2012, said the post received an overwhelming response.

Noting his pleasure at his wife's having noticed the House of Madness event, Heinbuch said: "She knows that I like tattoos. It was a whole new experience, that's for sure. I was laughing a lot because there was a lot of pressure behind it."

Heinbuch said his son chose the design because the two like to go searching for amphibians and reptiles together.

"I like turtles and my daddy already had a snake," Hunter wryly explained.

Lynn's son Lex, 9, kept him company in the shop during the event. At 4-years-old, Lex gave Lynn a tattoo of a face right above Lynn's knee. At 6, Lex tattooed a Tiki head on Lynn.

"It dawned on me that other dads would appreciate it, so I started offering free Father's Day tattoos to regular clients. This year I opened it up to everyone on Facebook," Lynn said.

Alex Vlahov, of Columbia, said he saw the post and instantly signed up. He has four tattoos by Lynn.

"I want to encourage my daughter to be an artist," Vlahov said.

Leah Vlahov, 13, skillfully tattooed a skull on her father's leg.

"It was fun. I was worried about screwing up," Leah said.

Molly, 3½, wasn't as nervous as she drew her name on dad Bobby O'Hara's arm.

"I thought I'd come out and let Molly decorate my arm. She's pretty good at writing her name now," said O'Hara, of Westminster. Molly completed O'Hara's 18th tattoo.

Ricky Sigai, of Hampstead, said he wanted to create a lasting memory with his son, Mason. Mason, 6, drew a squid and transferred the design to Sigai's leg.

"It's absolutely amazing. It's something I'll look at it the rest of my life," Sigai said.


Kevin Farrow, of Hanover, was proud of his daughter Savanna for the design she inscribed on his arm. Savanna, 11, tattooed her birth date with a heart and a heart beat line.

"She did good at it. Maybe later down the road I'll get her to add to it," Farrow said.

Wade Gliem, of Gettysburg, promised his children Elizabeth, 7, Logan, 5, and Aidan, 1, that he wouldn't look at his tattoo until it was finished.

"There's no better way to have a lasting Father's Day gift. The fact that they were the ones actually doing it made it so much better," Gliem said.

Elizabeth and Logan were worried they would hurt their father, but eventually decided to make their mark on his chest.

"It's actually my first time doing it," Elizabeth said matter-of-factly. "When I first started to do it I felt a little nervous. After I got going, I was really good at it."