Family surprises Manchester Valley student with a "Back to the Future" themed pre-prom

Manchester Valley senior Alexander White's family surprises him with a "Back to the Future" themed prom night, including a ride to the dance in a pair of 1981 DeLorean DMC-12's.

Giving a thumbs up and smiling widely, Alexander White walked down a red carpet to two awaiting DeLoreans on Manchester's Main Street. The cars, of "Back to the Future" fame, transported White and his date to Manchester Valley High School's prom Saturday evening.

"I feel so good!" said Alexander, who was nearly speechless with excitement.


Alexander, 18, is a Manchester Valley senior with autism. His mother, Melanie White, wanted to surprise him with "a time machine to get to prom and make it really special."

"My face hurts from smiling at him," Melanie said.


Melanie said her son is "fascinated by the possibility of time travel so the "Back to the Future" movies really interest him." She contacted the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club and "they got right back to her."

"I cannot believe how kind these men have been," Melanie said. "I think they're as excited as I am."

DeLorean drivers Justin Mettee and Rodney Kuhns, both of Glen Rock, Pa., said they were happy to fulfill Melanie's request.

"We love spreading the joy of the car," Justin said. "Any time people see it brings so many smiles. I love making people's day."

Justin said he hopes the memory will stand out forever for Alexander.

"It's so much fun to surprise someone during a pivotal moment in his young life," he said.

Rodney said DeLoreans are extremely rare with only 6,500 of the cars remaining.

"It's a real eye catcher," Rodney said. "Whenever a request comes through, we try to accommodate it. I like making people happy with the car. The reaction is unbelievable because the movie was so popular."

Rodney said he hopes Alexander's first ride in a DeLorean "will be an experience that he'll never forget."

To add to Alexander's fun, Melanie's fiance David Rawlings dressed up as Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown character and rode in a DeLorean to take photos with Alexander at his high school. White also had Genova's make pizzas with "Great Scott," the exclamation often used by Doc Brown in the movies, written out in pepperonis for Alexander's pre-prom dinner.

Alexander's living skills technician Jessica Taylor said he is "very fortunate to have a mother that pulls out all the stops for him."

"He's been excited to hang out with the other students at his school and he loves music, so he'll probably request lots of songs at prom," Jessica said.


Melanie said she just wants her son to have fun.

"He is the nicest person," Melanie said. "I just want him to enjoy the heck out of this evening with his peers and feel as special as he is."



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