Carroll County 4-H celebrates youth participants, adult volunteers

The Carroll County 4-H Achievement/Volunteer Recognition Program was held April 17 at the Carroll County Agriculture Center, with 4-H youths and adult volunteers being recognized throughout the evening event.

Forty-two children received a certificate and a 4-H cup for graduating from Clover to 4-H'er. New 4-H'ers must be 8 years old as of Jan. 1 of the current year.


Years of service

Volunteers recognized for years of service were:


5 years of service — April Burnett, Steve Burnett, Jocelyn Davey, Melissa Degasperi, James Fromm, Jeffrey Giles, Kristie Gittere, Lori Greifzu, Shannon Haines, Christine Hardesty, Steve Hardesty, Brian Kiesel, Laura Leister, Eleanor Mouser, Hanne Novotny, Steven Novotny, Arthur Ridinger, Bret Schulze, Melissa Schulze, Deborah Shea, Michael Shea, David Tingley, Joseph Walsh, Barbara Williams;

10 years of service — David Andrews, Amanda Hart, Lynda Jones, Cindy May, Dorothy Newton, Nancy Ogletree, Rebecca Stem;

15 years of service — Justin Barber, L. Ellen Cutsail, Angie Nolte, Cheryl Rill;

20 years of service — Bryan Harris, Mary Rasche, Barbara Ricci, Lisa Schwartzbeck, Deborah Weishaar;


25 years of service — Rick Barber, Anne Davis, Rita Holland, Barbara Watt;

30 years of service — Rosalee Frizzell, Peggy Luers, Joan Metcalf;

40 years of service — Mary Ellen Arbaugh, and

45 years of service — Wilson Arbaugh and Rose Frebertshauser.

Awards bestowed

Special volunteer awards went to volunteers who were nominated by their peers and voted on by the 4-H youths.

Samantha Anthony received the Rookie of the Year Award for her going above and beyond her job description while working as the Carroll County Extension Office assistant. Anthony, a 4-H graduate, spent her summer planning and organizing the adult showmanship classes for the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair. These special classes raised more than $1,200 that went toward the autism donation by the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair. She also worked with the livestock judging team to help 4-H'ers improve their judging and oral reasons.

Erica McAndrew received the "I Dare You" Volunteer Award. Erica has worked behind the scenes for years helping with Clover Buddies 4-H Club and Deer Park 4-H Club. She has been involved with Beat the Mid-Winter Blah's, Fashion Fun Day and the Ambassadors. McAndrew is being dared by 4-H'ers to go a step further "to make best the better."

Larie Buckler received the Head Award. Larie is the organizational leader for the 4-Pawed Freedom 4-H Club, a club that raises and trains puppies for the Seeing Eye organization. Buckler promotes community awareness for 4-H and the Seeing Eye organization.

The Heart Award went to Robert and Loretta Basler, who have given more than 30 years each to the Carroll County 4-H program. They put hundreds of hours per year into working with Carrollton 4-H Club and encouraging their members to make their best better. They have also worked for many years as superintendents for booths and banners at the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair.

The Hands Award went to Bill Stem for his willingness to help with whatever task is asked of him. Stem helps with steer weigh-in, beef field day and fair week. He serves as a 4-H representative on the Ag Center board.

The 4-H Health Award went to Kathy Drzewianowski, leader of the Hoofbeat 4-H Saddle Club. Drzewianowski is responsible for teaching horse safety training which is required training for 4-H horse show participants. She has been a volunteer with the 4-H program for 23 years.

The Unsung Volunteer Award went to Brenda Nave, a 16-year 4-H volunteer and club organizational leader for the Westminster 4-H Club. Nave also volunteers for Sparks 4-H Club, where she serves as volunteer coordinator for the club's yearly VEX robotics competition. She works to ensure all the volunteer duties are filled with capable volunteers and helps with both setup and tear-down of the competition. She also serves as a superintendent for the Baked Goods Department at the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair.

The Volunteer Spirit Award went to Harry Newton, who was described as "happy to help wherever needed. He is generous with his time, always patient and truly wants to see 4-H'ers succeed." He has helped many 4-H'ers pursue their dreams of competing on the state level in the Wildlife Habitat Education Program.

Embroidered blankets were awarded to volunteers who give their time and talents to coach 4-H teams: Dairy Bowl coach, Gary Brauning; Livestock Judging coach, Andy Cashman; Horse Bowl and Judging coaches, Janie Dell and Amanda Hart; Consumer Education Judging coach, Rose Frebertshauser; Poultry Judging coach, Glenn Haines; Rabbit Judging coach, Jo Mladjenovich; Horse Bowl coach, Jan Rubenstein; Horse Judging coach, Bob Shirley; and Dairy Judging coach, Kelly Zepp.

Youths honored

Diamond Clover awards were given to youths who completed a variety of projects and activities that enable them to acquire the skills necessary to lead successful lives.

The following youths received a certificate and pin and were recognized for completion of Diamond Clover levels:

Level 1 — Jonathan Blubaugh, Jeremiah Carter, Lacey Dustin, Stevie Dustin, Noah Geiman, Christian Hoffman, Max Hutchison, Courtney Patterson, Caydon Selmer, Tamara Warehime;

Level 2 — Samuel Blank, Jonathan Blubaugh, Henry Brunnett, Hunter Dicke, Julianna Dicke, Mackenzie Dicke, Halley Donati, Layla Groft, Micheal Groft, Rebekah Hoffman, Benjamin Lawrence, Jack Molter, Luke Molter, Serena Newton, Ashley Paulsen, Cameron Selmer, Sam Spielman;

Level 3 — Caleb Giordano, Laurie Logue-Ruckman, Sophie Panagakos, Allison Parrish, Garrett Patterson, Shelby Rhoten, Emily Schildwachter, Jacquelyn Slade, Carly Victor, Michelle Victor;

Level 4 — Alexander Entrekin, Katie Fairbank, Margaret Lawrence, Ryan Leister, Kimmie McThenia, Marissa Roberts, Allison Stoner; and

Level 5 — Kaitlyn Blizzard, Taylor Blizzard, Dylan Groft, Nick Jones, Noah Lawrence, Jacob Newton and Natalie Panagakos.

Clovers recognized for their Clover Memory Books are: Jacqueline Adams, Eli Barber, Laney Fielder, Emily Fritz, Arya Groft, Keira Meagher, Amara Mohr, Faith Mohr, Nina Moore, Wyatt Prosperie, Coralie Sellman, Hunter Shumake and Makenna Steele.

Juniors recognized for their Junior Champion Record Books were: Nicholas Jones, Ryan Leister, Serena Newton, Marissa Roberts, Ben Schildwachter, Jacquelyn Slade, Payton Steele, Allison Stoner, Carly Victor, Michelle Victor and Tessie Weant.

Also recognized for completing Junior Record Books were: Madelyn Arbaugh, Andrew Burns, Gwennyth Burns, Virginia Burns, Marell Glendenning, Tiffany Green, Layla Groft, Michael Groft, Amelia Miller, Courtney Patterson, Emily Schildwachter and Madison Warehime.

Seniors recognized for their Senior Portfolios, which include a three-page resume documenting their 4-H career and an essay, were: Taylor Blizzard, Henry Brunnett, Matthew Chaffer, Kaitlyn Davey, Robert Flutka, Sarah Giordano, Dylan Groft, Megan Linfield, Autumn Lippy, Brittany Lippy, Tori Mann, Nick Parrish, Shelby Rhoten, Joshlyn Robertson, Katelyn Shower, Austin Stoner, Emmett Wolf and Thomas Wolf.

The top 10 seniors who participated in the out-of-state trip Interviews and had the opportunity to win a trip were: Henry Brunnett, Matthew Chaffer, Kaitlyn Davey, Amber Lippy, Tori Mann, Shelby Rhoten, Katelynn Shower, Austin Stoner, Emmett Wolf and Thomas Wolf.


Brittany Lippy received a special award for her outstanding swine project records, and Nick Parrish received a special award for his outstanding sheep project records.


National and out-of-state trip winners recognized and given the opportunity to give a one- to two-minute speech about their experience during their trip were: West Virginia Older Members Conference, Katie Grace Weant; Virginia 4-H Congress, Hannah Nusbaum and Sarah Giordano; National 4-H Congress, Austin Stoner; Poultry Judging, Noah Lawrence and Natalie Panagakos; Livestock Judging Team A, Brittany Lippy, Tucker Schmidt and Austin Stoner; Team B, Mason Foster; Horse Bowl, Hannah Cimbaljevich; Shooting Sports/Shotgun, Tori Mann; National Engineering Challenge/Lawn Tractor Safety, Thomas Wolf; Small Engine, Emmett Wolf; Robotics, Bryce Davey, Kaitlyn Davey and Jacob Newton.

Recognitions abound

Outstanding first-year members recognized were: Luke Blizzard, Virginia Burns, Alexiea Cornett, Catherine Guest, Michkala Holland, Brynn Laney, Aubrey Miller, Brady Rhodes, Ben Schildwachter and Payton Zepp.

Juniors Up and Coming recognized were: Dustin Barnard, Jacob Boog, Caroline Boone, Hunter Dicke, Julianna Dicke, Mackenzie Dicke, Leah Hintze, Layla Metts, Carly Victor and Michelle Victor.

Recognized as Juniors Growing and Going, 4-H'ers ages 11 to 13, were: Avery Dull Madison Foster, Molly Lawrence, Jack Molter, Serena Newton, Courtney Patterson, Erin Piper, Marissa Roberts, Maggie Smith and Allison Stoner.

Outstanding Juniors demonstrate "all around" leadership ability with their community, school, 4-H group and family. The Outstanding Juniors were Nick Jones and Payton Steele. The Outstanding Junior Runners-up were Albert Burdette and Ryan Schooley.

Service scholarships were awarded to Owen Alster, Mason Foster, James Garvick, Kody Garvick, Matthew Garvick, Marell Glendenning, Karin Johnsson, Anna Lowes, Caroline Maclean-Blevins and Jared Parrish.

The Unsung 4-H'er Award went to two responsible youths who are not always in the limelight: Henry Brunnett and Hannah Laney.

The "I Dare You" 4-H'er Award went to Molly Lawrence and Noah Lawrence — two youths who have shown great leadership skills and were "dared" to develop these skills further and share them with the Carroll County 4-H Program.

The "I'll be Glad to" Award went to Megan Linfield and Jake McThenia — two youths who are always willing to accept a job and can be counted on to get the job finished.

The Maryland 4-H Spirit Award went to two individuals who best promoted the spirit of the Carroll County 4-H Program: Ben Wolf and Sarah Giordano.

The Service 4-H'er Award went to Ethan Alster and Katie Yingling, described as "individuals who give a full measure of talent, skills and time back to the 4-H program."

The 4-H Citizenship Award went to four youths who exhibit respect for and responsiveness to the needs, rights and responsibilities of others in their club, community and country: Bryce Davey, Kaitlyn Davey, Noah Miller and Nick Parrish.

The All-Star Leadership Award went to two individuals who actively participate in program planning, development and implementation and strive "to make the best better" for club, community and country: Brittany Lippy and Tori Mann.

Tray presented

The Carroll County Commissioners Tray, which was presented to Brittany Lippy, goes to the individual who best exemplifies the "model 4-H'er" through leadership, citizenship and achievements through their entire 4-H career.

This year the essay question for the 4-H'ers to respond to was: "Surely there are some times when you did not accomplish what you would have liked to. How have these experiences made you a better person?"

Brittany responded with this answer: "Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However, I believe success is defined by the hours of hard work, the people who help you on your journey, and the way you feel after the dust has settled. Character is tested by how we win but also by how we lose. And I have certainly had my share of losses over the past year. 2014 dealt me two losses that changed a lot of things in my life. Looking back now, I realize that they taught me more than how to deal with loss, but how to move on from it. I have been in livestock judging since I was eight years old. At first, I hated it … After a while, I became fond of it. As an intermediate, I was able to go to a couple out-of-state competitions. That's when I really fell in love with this sport … I realized judging brought people together, not solely to compete against each other but, to meet each other for a common purpose. We loved animals and we wanted to sort the good from the bad and the ugly. My passion fueled my drive to do well.

"I worked hard on my reasons and listened to my coaches. My hard work finally paid off … I made the A team in 2014. While I may have accomplished amazing things this past fall, I had a roadblock in June and a three-car pileup at the National Competition that impacted me greatly … I let my teammates, my coaches, my parents and my whole state down, too. I lost a lot that day. A potential scholarship to my college, my pride. But what I gained will affect me the rest of my life. Maturity, relationships and faith. I had to handle things like an adult that day. I learned that not everything in this world is guaranteed … I also learned that I'm not perfect … Instead it made me stronger … My highway to success looked like it had been blown to pieces. Now, I realize, the highway to success is always under construction."

Giving recognition

The 4-H Family of the Year Award went to the Parrish Family — David, Michelle, Nick and Jared — who are found at multiple events throughout the year, lending a hand or taking a leadership role.

The Carroll County 4-H Volunteer of the Year Award went to Ed Stevens for his dedication to the Carroll County 4-H Program. Stevens is a club leader of Hotshots 4-H Club, one of the largest 4-H clubs in Carroll County. Stevens helps youths in the shooting sports program hone their skills and prepare for competition. Stevens also works and helps other counties establish shooting sports programs, while serving in a leadership role for the state program.

The 2014 Junior Ambassador team was recognized for its year of service, leadership and 4-H promotion: Stephanie Anthony, Albert Burdette, Caleb Giordano, Trevor Munk, Jonathan Nusbaum, Marissa Roberts, Ryan Schooley, Grant Shaw, Payton Steele and Sophie Wolf.

The 2014 Ambassador team was recognized for its year of service, leadership and 4-H promotion: Ethan Alster, Danielle Franc, Sarah Giordano, Emily Kemp, Hannah Laney, Bethany Nusbaum, Nick Parrish, Ben Wolf, Emmett Wolf and Thomas Wolf.


Nick Parrish, Alternate Mr. 4-H, presented the year in review of the Ambassador program, which highlighted the Ambassador team's activities and service projects. Miss 4-H Sarah Giordano and Mr. 4-H Ben Wolf each gave their parting farewell speeches.

The new 2015 Ambassador team was recognized: Marell Glendenning, Emily Kemp, Hannah Laney, Bethany Nusbaum, Jonathan Nusbaum, Tucker Schmidt, Emmett Wolf and Thomas Wolf.

Bethany Nusbaum became the new 2015 Carroll County Miss 4-H and Thomas Wolf became the new 2015 Carroll County Mr. 4-H. Hannah Laney was awarded the position of 2015 Alternate Miss Carroll County 4-H and Tucker Schmidt was awarded the position of 2015 Alternate Mr. Carroll County 4-H.

Following the awards, attendees enjoyed an ice cream sundae and cake reception sponsored by Weis, Giant, BJ's Wholesale, JJ Hoffman's Creamery and Starry Night Bakery.