The Town of Sykesville is looking to fill a number of job vacancies in the Public Works Department, including one year-round part-time employee, several seasonal part-time employees and the assistant public works director position, said Dawn Ashbacher, town administrator.

While the fiscal year 2015 budget was being discussed, the search for these positions were put on hold, but with the finalizing of the budget in June, the town began actively pursuing filling these roles. At the time, there was also a full-time public works employee position available, but the council decided to fill this role by promoting Ian Ozminski, who was a part-time employee.


Ashbacher said there is no cut-off date for applying and the town will continue to accept applications until the positions are no longer vacant. She also said the town would like to fill these roles as soon as possible.

"The summer is a very busy time for our public works department with lawn mowing, parks maintenance, and other things, on top of regular refuse and recycling collection," Ashbacher said.

The town has budgeted $236,333 for public works employee salaries in fiscal year 2015. The remaining openings take up a significant portion of the budgeted amount, said Mayor Ian Shaw.

"The employees who help run our town operations, like park maintenance, trash pick-up, and event clean-up, play a key role in the town," Shaw said. "It's a pretty big part of our budget."

For the Assistant Public Works Director, the town is looking for someone with public works experience who has a strong work ethic, possesses a high character and is a natural leader, Ashbacher said. A commercial driver's license is strongly preferred. The ideal candidate will need to coordinate with the director of public works, schedule multiple employees' duties and be trusted to operate efficiently when the director is unavailable. For the part-time positions, some of the same qualifications are needed, such as a sound work ethic. Shaw said the hardest part of filling part-time roles is finding candidates who are qualified for these entry level positions, particularly since these jobs normally have a high turnover rate.

"Turnover is more costly to the town than those who stay on," he said.

Shaw said the town is looking to form long-term relationships with all of their employees, whether full or part time and that the potential for upward mobility within the town's public work's hierarchy is very possible.

The town has already received applications for these positions, roughly eight to 10, Shaw said. The mayor and town council are in the process of interviewing these potential employees and the town is still accepting applications. All applicants should be aware of the possibility of overtime, particularly during event weekends and inclement weather, especially the winter season, he said. Apart from these exceptions, a normal workday usually begins earlier in the morning and ends accordingly to suit either a 40-hour or part-time schedule.

Shaw and Ashbacher agreed that though every qualification is important in its own right, the most important attribute that these employees will possess is a passion to improve Sykesville, and, if they end up moving on to other opportunities like the former assistant director, the desire to leave the town better than how they found it.

"These individuals will want to be an integral part of making Sykesville better," Shaw said.

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To apply for a position, visit the town's website at or Sykesville Town Hall at 7547 Main St., Sykesville.