Before two of Carroll County's lawmakers leave to join Gov.-elect Larry Hogan's administration they filed multiple pieces of legislation they hope to pass in the 2015 session.

One of the most notable bills of Sen. Joe Getty, R-District 5, is legislation to exempt certain amusement, recreational groups and nonprofits to pay employees 85 percent of the state's minimum wage. This would be $7.25, or the previous minimum wage before it was increased this year.


Amusement and recreational groups would be eligible if they operated for no more than seven months or if their receipts do not exceed one-third of average receipts for six months, according to the legislation.

Getty will join Hogan's administration as chief legislative officer when Hogan is sworn in on Wednesday.

Del. Kelly Schulz, R-District 4, has filed a smattering of bills, several of which have to do with gun laws in Maryland. Schulz will leave her delegate seat on Wednesday to serve as Hogan's secretary of labor, licensing and regulation.

She has filed bills to allow licensed gun shops and secondary sellers to instigate a National Instant Criminal Background Check and sell the firearm upon passing the background check. Secondary sellers would have to use a law enforcement agency for the background check, according to the legislation.

Another bill allows lawful owners of assault weapons to replace broken pieces as long as it is registered with the secretary of State Police, according to the legislation.

Schulz also filed a bill that would change Maryland from a "may" issue to a "shall" issue state. Currently handgun qualification licenses are given on a "may" issue basis, meaning the State Police can issue at their discretion.

Her final gun bill would repeal a law that requires shell casings to be sent to the Department of State Police Crime Laboratory, which tabulates a database of discharged casings to track guns that may be used in crimes.

The House bills from Schulz have not been granted hearing dates, but they have all been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.