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No damage reported after magnitude 2.0 earthquake near Sykesville late Tuesday night

The epicenter of a small earthquake in Carroll County late Tuesday night was reported to be about 3 miles east of Sykesville, but town and state officials say no property damage or injuries were reported as of Wednesday morning.

“Right now, it seems like something that’s a little bit of anomaly, but nothing to be concerned about,” Sykesville Town Manager Joe Cosentini said Wednesday morning. “At this point it doesn’t feel like anything worse is on the horizon.”


Earthquakes occur in central Maryland a few times a year at the 1-2 magnitude level, according to a Tweet from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and Columbia experiences the most quakes in Maryland.


The U.S. Geological Survey considered Tuesday night’s quake to be minor, with a magnitude of 2.0 and a depth of 5 kilometers. About 200 people reported tremors to USGS as of Wednesday morning.

Cosentini said the Sykesville’s police department would work with county responders in the unlikely event of a larger earthquake.

Downtown Sykesville Connection Executive Director Julie Della-Maria, who lives in town, said she was awakened by odd wildlife behavior at about the time of the earthquake and used social media to figure out what was going on.

Della-Maria said the most significant outcome of the earthquake was “a few giggles.”