Police arrest more than 20 during warrant sweep

Police made more than two dozen arrests Friday during a sweep involving multiple agencies conducted to find people wanted to outstanding warrants and court summonses. In one case, the person arrested had been sought by authorities for nearly a decade.

The sweep took place after months of investigation and attempts to find the people, according to a news release from the Maryland State Police Westminster Barrack. Police made 25 arrests and served 34 warrants, summonses or detainers on people already incarcerated, and three additional warrants are pending for a suspect identified in Texas, according to police.


Police conduct such sweeps periodically in an effort to help keep the criminal justice system moving smoothly, according to Sgt. Padraic Lacy, a Maryland State Police spokesman.

"It's just an initiative where we are trying to help … facilitate getting these people through the court system," he said. "When there are people out there that are wanted, there is a victim in the case somehow or another and ultimately we are trying to get justice for the victim in the case."

The outstanding warrants and summonses involved matters ranging from bench warrants, fugitive warrants issued in other states, violations of parole or probation to charges of theft, assault, hit and run, DUI, drug possession, driving while suspended or revoked, and failing to appear in court, according to police.

"In some cases the people we arrested were wanted by other jurisdictions," Lacy said. "At that point, those jurisdictions are notified and they file criminal detainers against these people and then they have a certain period of time that have to come to pick them up and take them back to their jurisdiction to face charges."

The reverse was also true, Lacy said, in that some people were found in other states and will be extradited to face charges in Maryland. At some point, all of those sought in the local sweep had addresses in Carroll County.

"We had a guy who was very elusive out in Illinois who used to live in Mount Airy. When we dug into the background on him, he had several open warrants in Illinois, two open in Pennsylvania, one open in Frederick County," Lacy said. "When they wound up investigating this guy in Illinois and they caught him getting off a Greyhound bus … he's going to face charges in Illinois and then when he's done, he'll be extradited back to Pennsylvania and when he's done in Pennsylvania he'll come back to Maryland."

Carroll County State's Attorney Brian DeLeonardo said warrant sweeps such as the one conducted Friday play a role in making sure crime victims get the justice they are owed.

"It really helps keep things from getting stale — the longer that someone is out sometimes, that is avoiding being arrested, witness may disappear, memories may fade," DeLeonardo said. "Time is always of the essence and this helps get people into court so that the system can work."

Following up on outstanding warrants is also about maintaining respect for the authority of the judicial system, DeLeonardo said.

"If people feel that they can just say, 'Oh I'm not going to court,' and run off, the system would collapse," he said. "Some of [the charges] are minor, but it really is to tell someone, if you get a charge or a summons, you need to appear in court. It's a respect thing."

Sometimes, a summons or warrant is not served due to an honest mistake, according to Lacy. For example, people move but had not yet updated their addresses.

In DeLeonardo's experience, however, it's more common that wanted people have made themselves scarce before warrants or summonses could be served.

"It's often that at the time they knew about it and avoided it and then over time their life moved on and they say, 'Well didn't that just go away?' As if there is a statute of limitations to an open arrest warrant, which there is not," he said. "If it has been seven years, we are still going to bring them in to court."

Seven years, or even longer. Cindy Cook-Wright, 44, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, had gotten married, changed her last name and moved off the grid, according to Lacy, but with the help of some special databases and the trading of information with police in Arkansas led to her arrest on charges of DUI, forgery and theft.


"These [warrants] were just shy of being 10-years-old," he said. "She was the person out on the lam the longest."

More than 20 agencies, including Maryland State Police from the Westminster Barrack, as well as the state's criminal enforcement division and the Maryland State Apprehension Team; the Carroll County Sheriff's Office and the Westminster, Taneytown, Hampstead and Manchester police departments participated in the sweep. State agencies such as the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office and the Office of the State Fire Marshal also participated, as did law enforcement agencies in neighboring counties such as Baltimore to the east and York and Adams counties to the north in Pennsylvania, and as far as Virginia, Illinois and Arkansas, plus the U.S. Marshals Service.

"We just wanted to let the citizens of the county know that even though we have our separate jurisdictions, we all do work together collectively for the common good and the safety of the citizens of this county," Lacy said. "It was a good collective effort by everybody."


Individuals served in warrant sweep

Jenna Shank, 29, of Towson: Bench warrant, failure to appear for driving on a suspended license.

Douglas Brothers, 19, of Chesapeake, Virginia: Arrest warrant, several counts of theft and fraud.

Catherine Thomsen, 42, of Finksburg: Bench warrant, failure to appear for driving an uninsured vehicle.

Theresa Schoonover, 38, of Baltimore: Bench warrant, failure to appear for the disposition of a criminal case.

Fredis Canalas, 29, of Mount Airy: Charge of second-degree assault.

Amy Hewett, 28, of Westminster: Arrest warrant, failure to remain at the scene of an accident.

Stephanie Guildener, 37, of New Windsor: Bench warrant, failure to appear for driving on a suspended license.

Richard Grothe, 44, of Westminster: Arrest warrant; wanted by the Adams County Pennsylvania Sheriff's Office on a charge of DUI.

Lisa Blessing, 28, of Keymar: Three open arrest warrants from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office alleging violation of probation, assault and drug distribution.

James Horner, 61, of Sykesville: Bench warrant, failure to appear in court to face charge of driving on a suspended license

Tameasha Early, 26, of Westminster: Failure to appear for arraignment or initial appearance for a trial.

Daryl Ostendorf, 41, of Gamber: Bench warrant from Baltimore County in a case involving motor vehicle charges.


Lynne Gondeck, 50, of Westminster: Arrest warrant charging violation of animal laws.

Stephen Stanton, 54, of Manchester: Wanted by the York County, Pennsylvania, Sheriff's Office, failure to appear for criminal contempt hearings.

Ted Fick, 40, of Westminster: Wanted by the Adams County, Pennsylvania, Sheriff's Office on a charge of DUI. Warrant was four years old.

Cody Hess, 24, of Taneytown: Arrest warrant for failure to comply with drug court, second degree assault and obstructing a court order.

Nicole Delmar, 30, of Mount Airy: Bench warrants, failure to appear for a case involving charges of driving on suspended license and possession of a controlled dangerous substance other than marijuana.

Jodie Smith, 34, of Littlestown, Pennsylvania: Bench warrant, violation of probation, original charge was theft of a value under $1,000.

Scott Beaucham, 43, of Illinois: Seven open arrest warrants charging theft less than $1,000 in Frederick County, theft and fraud-related charges in Pennsylvania and forgery, theft and fraud related charges in Illinois.

Kyle Freeland, 24, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Bench warrant, failure to appear for a pre-trial conference; already incarcerated in Philadelphia.

Cindy Cook-Wright, 44, of Fort Smith, Arkansas: Arrest warrants from Adams County, Pennsylvania, charging DUI and Baltimore County charging forgery. Both warrants nearly 10 years old.

Kevin Strevig, 33, of Westminster: Wanted by the York County, Pennsylvania, Sheriff's Office and found to be already incarcerated at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Corinna Miller, 36, Germantown: Wanted by Maryland State Police but exact charge not available. Arrested during traffic stop in Virginia.

Kenneth Grosholz, 28, of Sykesville: Arrest warrant, violation of probation.