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Thurmont man arrested after allegedly threatening to burn down woman's home

A Thurmont man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly threatened to burn down a woman's home.

Bernard Stephen Wagner Jr., 44, was charged with one count of arson threat, one count of second-degree assault and one count of malicious destruction of property. He was held without bail Wednesday, but it was changed to $2,500 after a Thursday bail review. He posted bail Thursday and was released, according to electronic court records.


A Maryland State Police trooper spoke with a woman at her Hampstead property on Wednesday, and she told the trooper that Wagner and she had argued on Tuesday, according to the statement of probable cause.

During the argument, Wagner kicked her property, including a white portable fence, her flower pots and an outside table. He also threw a flashlight at her mobile home, causing a dent. He then threatened to burn her home down with her inside, as well as her new car, according to the statement.


The woman told the trooper that he ripped her keys out of her hand, which hurt her wrist and fingers, and pushed her in the chest. The trooper noted that he did not see any marks on her hand or fingers, and while the woman had a red mark on her chest, she was not sure if it was from Wagner pushing her, according to the statement.

The trooper noted a dent in the mobile camper that matched the flashlight, according to the statement.

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The trooper spoke to Wagner, who said the two had argued and he kicked her table over because he was upset. He told the trooper he never touched the woman, according to the statement.

He said he threw the flashlight after noticing his truck, which he didn't put in park, was coasting down the hill, according to the statement.

In an interview with the Times, Wagner said the woman made it up and that he never touched her. He said he wants to be able to move on and wants nothing more to do with the woman.

"This is ridiculous," he said.