Man enters plea for possessing counterfeit currency

A Manchester man received a suspended sentence for possession of counterfeit currency and was ordered to continue pursuing his substance abuse treatment.

Charles Andrew Sies, 30, of the 4100 block of Hanover Pike, pleaded not guilty but agreed not to challenge the state's version of the facts Monday in Carroll County Circuit Court.


Deputy State's Attorney Edward Coyne requested a six-month jail sentence based on Sies' record, which includes drug and theft charges, but Judge Michael M. Galloway appeared convinced that Sies was taking his recovery seriously and issued a fully suspended sentence.

Sies told the judge he is a heroin addict and needs to remain out of jail so he can support his family, including his wife who has breast cancer.

"I found my motivation through my wife and how she's dealt with her sickness," he said.

Sies was arrested in January after police learned he paid a debt with a counterfeit bill, according to Coyne. Secret Service agents confirmed the bill was a low-quality forgery.

Defense attorney Carol Daisey told Galloway that Sies cooperated fully with local police and federal agents.

Sies told Galloway he has been sober for six months and feels motivated to remain on track. He attends five self-help meetings per week and has a sponsor.

"I'm impressed with what you've said," Galloway told Sies. "Many people who suffer from addiction are not really able to comprehend how urgent it is that you get yourself on solid footing in terms of sobriety."

Galloway told Sies the cliche "one day at a time" is the only way to deal with addiction.

"It's the only way I can live my life," Sies responded. "I've tried my way and it doesn't work."