Westminster man charged with CDS possession, resisting arrest

A Westminster man is charged with controlled dangerous substance offenses and resisting arrest after allegedly possessing narcotics and hypodermic syringes and kicking and threatening police while in custody.

Ray Lee Pullen, 33, of the 100 block of West Main Street, is charged with administering CDS; possession of CDS paraphernalia; two counts of possession of CDS, not marijuana; possession of CDS administration equipment; resisting arrest; and disorderly conduct, according to electronic court files.


Pullen is being held by the Carroll County Detention Center on $45,000 bail, according to electronic court files.

On July 29, a Westminster City Police officer responded to the Oceanic service station on Md. 140 in Westminster and met with the manager who said that a male suspect, later identified as Pullen, had run into the station to use the restroom and was acting suspiciously, according to charging documents.


The officer requested additional officers and knocked on the door to the bathroom, announcing his presence as a police officer, but did not hear a response, according to the documents.

The officer allegedly heard the sink running and opened the door due to his belief that evidence was potentially being destroyed, according to the documents.

Inside the restroom, the officer allegedly observed Pullen with a brown pill bottle, pouring an unknown off-white colored liquid down the sink drain, according to the documents.

Pullen also allegedly reached for an uncapped hypodermic syringe that was sitting on the sink, according to the documents.

The officer removed Pullen from the restroom, but Pullen allegedly attempted to pull back into the restroom, according to the documents.

In the restroom, the police allegedly observed three hypodermic syringes and a small piece of aluminum can with burnt residue, according to the documents.

Pullen was placed under arrest for possession of CDS and paraphernalia, according to the documents.

Police also allegedly found prescription pill bottles containing the liquid marked as lorazepam and methylphenidate, according to the documents.

The officer allegedly observed a fresh puncture mark on Pullen's arm and several similar marks on his arms and legs, according to the documents.

Police also retrieved a brown pill bottle from behind a gas pump outside which the manager pointed out, according to the documents. The bottle allegedly contained the off-white unknown liquid.

After being placed in the officer's patrol vehicle for transportation to Central Booking, Pullen allegedly kicked at the window and door and also banged his head against the window while yelling obscenities, according to the documents.

A transport van was requested to take Pullen to Central Booking out of concern for his safety, according to the documents. While being transported, he allegedly kicked and banged in the van.


Pullen allegedly continued to kick and yell while at Central Booking and was placed in a special chair and clothing for the safety of himself and others, according to the documents, but then became lethargic and still, which required medical personnel to respond.

Pullen was taken to Carroll Hospital Center for evaluation and was allegedly hostile to police while being transported and threatened the officers, according to the documents.

After being cleared and returned to Central Booking, Pullen again allegedly became lethargic and was denied admittance by medical personnel and returned to the hospital, according to the documents.

Pullen was cleared again by hospital staff and during a conversation with a doctor, he allegedly said that he did not want to return to Central Booking because he was facing 10 years of a suspended sentence, according to the documents.

Pullen was transported to Central Booking and processed, according to the documents.

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