Alleged Miss Maryland stalker arrested
Hannah Brewer of Manchester, Miss Maryland 2016, rides in the  parade through Manchester as part of the fire company's carnival Tuesday night July 5, 2016. (KEN KOONS/STAFF PHOTO / Carroll County Times)

A Germantown man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly stalked Miss Maryland, a Carroll County resident.

Valencio Fernandes Pires, 50, of Germantown, was charged with one count of stalking; one count of harass, a course of conduct; and one count of electronic mail harassment. He was held without bond, which remained unchanged after a bail review Monday in Carroll County District Court.


Maryland State Police troopers at the Westminster Barrack spoke with Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer on Friday, and she told them that she received unwanted contact through email and social media, according to a statement of charges.

Valencio Fernandes Pires was arrested after he allegedly stalked Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer of Manchester. <a href="" target="_blank">Full story here</a>.
Valencio Fernandes Pires was arrested after he allegedly stalked Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer of Manchester. Full story here.

Pires first contacted Brewer at a Miss Maryland event in Hagerstown on Aug. 15. Staff at the store where the event took place told officers that Pires was there between 7 and 10:30 p.m. and did not purchase anything. During the event, he took three pictures with Brewer, according to the statement.

Photographs from the event also showed Pires "staring intensively at Brewer," according to the statement.

After the event, Brewer received mutliple message from Pires through his account, a possible fake account and his email, according to the statement.

His first message to Brewer came through Pires' Facebook account. In the message, he sent her the three pictures they took together and told her he "only used the best one of you," according to the statement.

He also told her he was impressed with her and that he thought she was the best Miss Maryland. He offered to help at her charity and work as her bodyguard, and included his cell phone number in the message, according to the statement.

Brewer blocked Pires from her public Facebook page, but in the morning, Brewer, along with her grandmother and mother, received a friend request from a "Beveraly Warns," who they did not know. A trooper investigating the case wrote in the statement of charges that fake Facebook accounts are often used to stalk and harass people.

Pires also sent an email to Brewer's organization for Brewer's mother, saying he had a card for Brewer and wanted a mailing address. Under direction from Maryland State Police, Brewer's mother replied asking that Pires stop contacting them, according to the statement.

Pires replied saying he didn't want them to be uncomfortable, he was proud of Brewer and that he wouldn't contact her. He also wrote that he would be attending the Miss USA pageant in person and included his main address, his phone number and locations of other houses he said he owned, according to the statement.

He emailed two more times, telling Brewer he had a new seat at the pageant and offering free hair services at his daughter's salon, according to the statement.

During a bail review hearing Monday, Pires agreed to a final peace order that prohibits him from having any contact with Brewer for six months, according to Assistant State's Attorney Brenda Harkavy, who represented the state at the bail review.

According to a news release from Maryland State Police, troopers and the Brewers worked with the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office's Special Victims Unit.

State's Attorney Brian DeLeonardo said in a text message that the Special Victims Unit and Maryland State Police will continue working together to prevent harassment and stalking.

"While I cannot comment on the currently pending matter, I will say regardless of their status or occupation, no one should ever be placed in fear by being stalked or harassed," DeLeonardo wrote. "Our Special Victims Unit and the Maryland State Police will continue to work closely on a daily basis to prevent any such conduct from occuring by seeking appropriate criminal charges and assisting victims with peace and protective orders when necessary."

Brewer did not want to be contacted for an article, according to the release.