William Marc McDougal
William Marc McDougal (Submitted photo,)

A Westminster man is charged with theft scheme for allegedly stealing electronics and other items from a home while his girlfriend was housesitting.

William Marc McDougal, 30, of the 100 block of Main St., is charged with theft scheme of $1,000 to less than $10,000, according to electronic court files.


McDougal is being held at the Carroll County Detention Center on $10,000 bail, according to electronic court files. McDougal is also being held without bond for an August burglary charge.

On Oct. 5, an officer from the Westminster Police Department responded to a report of a theft at a home and met with the victim, who said her family left for vacation on Sept. 28 and returned home to find multiple electronic items missing, according to charging documents.

The victim told police that her sister was housesitting for her and that her sister's boyfriend, McDougal, also stayed at the house, according to the documents. The victim said that her sister had claimed all the items were at the house when she left on Oct. 5.

On Oct. 6, an officer spoke with the victim again and learned that her husband had discovered more items missing, including a generator, according to the documents.

A friend of the victims, who employed McDougal part time, told them that he had purchased a generator from McDougal on Oct. 3, according to the documents. The generator purchased from McDougal was later confirmed to be the one stolen from the victims.

Police later spoke with a witness who said she observed McDougal and another man enter a Westminster home and leave with a box containing electronic items and video games, according to the documents. The victims later confirmed that video games were also missing from their home.

On Oct. 15, police spoke with the victim's sister, who said she was not aware of any items missing until her sister called and questioned her, according to the documents. She also said she questioned McDougal about the missing items and he said he had nothing to do with them.

McDougal was incarcerated Oct. 16 for an August burglary and theft case and was charged in the new case on Tuesday, according to electronic court files.

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