Yanbin Lin was arrested Saturday after she allegedly offered an undercover officer oral sex during a massage. <a href="http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/news/crime/ph-cc-lin-yanbin-prostitution-20170206-story.html" target="_blank">Full story here</a>.
Yanbin Lin was arrested Saturday after she allegedly offered an undercover officer oral sex during a massage. Full story here.

A New York woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly offered an undercover officer oral sex during a massage.

Yanbin Lin, 43, was charged with one count of general prostitution, one count of prostitution business and one count of running a massage therapy business without a license. She was held on $2,000 bond, which she posted Saturday, and was released, according to electronic court records.


Hampstead police, Carroll County Sheriff's deputies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Baltimore County Vice Unit conducted an undercover operation at Lin's massage parlor in the 1000 block of S. Main St. in Hampstead at around 11 a.m. Friday. A detective from the vice unit went into the massage parlor, met with Lin and requested a 30-minute massage, which cost $50, according to the statement of probable cause.

During the massage, Lin asked if the detective wanted her to perform a sexual act. When the detective accepted, Lin told him it would cost $60. The detective then asked for oral sex, to which Lin said it would cost $120, according to the statement.

The detective requested that Lin remove her clothing and use a condom. She complied with both requests. The detective paid the $120 and signaled for a bust.

He laid down and then requested to use the bathroom. When he returned, he asked Lin if she would have intercourse with him, and she said no. She then attempted to remove his under clothing, and the detective said he needed to check his phone and gave the bust signal again, according to the statement.

Lin told the detective to sit down, which he did, and when he asked about the condom, she showed him Saran Wrap.

She then prepared to perform oral sex, according to the statement, when the detective said he was married and couldn't go through with it. She tried to continue with the act, and the detective repeated he was married.

She then asked if he just wanted the earlier sexual act. The detective declined, put his clothes back on and left, according to the statement.

Once he left, the detective was told that the listening device had malfunctioned. The officers executed a search warrant and found that Lin was the massage business' sole occupant. The detective confirmed she had performed the massage and offered him sexual acts, according to the statement.

Lin was the lease holder for the massage parlor, but she does not have a license for massage therapy in Maryland. While officers were investigating, Lin approached people at an adjoining salon and yelled at the employees for asking about her business, according to the statement.

While Lin gave a New York address, it appeared she might have been residing in the massage parlor, according to the statement. After a 2014 arrest in Harford County, in which charges were later dropped, electronic court records indicate a Baltimore address.

This is the second time Lin has been connected to prostitution charges in Maryland — although the first time she has been charged.

In 2016, Lin Li, of New York, was charged in Baltimore County with two counts of general prostitution and one count of performing massage therapy without a license, charges which were later put on the inactive docket. Lin acted as the surety on the case, which means she took responsibility for Li's appearance in court.

A phone number was not listed for Lin. She is scheduled to appear in court April 11.