John Everett Madiso
John Everett Madiso (Handout)

A Westminster woman remained on the stand Wednesday morning as she continued to testify in the trial of a Westminster man accused of having raped and assaulted her.

The trial of John E. Madison, 53, continued Wednesday with testimony from the woman who said Madison raped her and testimony from one of the Westminster police officers who responded. Madison is charged with second-degree rape, second-degree assault, second-degree sex offense and false imprisonment. The Times does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.


Madison's attorney, Laura Morton, used her questioning to try to poke holes in the woman's story, specifically by going after details. Morton focused on inconsistencies between the woman's testimony Tuesday and her November interview with Detective John Emminizer of the Carroll County Advocacy and Investigative Center.

The woman had trouble recalling the statements she made to Emminizer and other law enforcement officers on the day of the alleged incident, as well as ones she made in the days after. She often testified that she did not recall making specific statements when Morton asked.

"I don't remember 100 percent what happened that day," the woman said. "I know what happened. I know he raped me."

A Westminster woman took the stand Tuesday afternoon to tell jurors how a man allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him before raping her. The trial of John E. Madison, 53, who is charged with second-degree rape, second-degree sex offense, second-degree assault and false imprisonment, began Tuesday after approximately three hours of jury selection.

The woman testified Tuesday that she had argued with Madison on the morning of Nov. 6, 2016. The argument later became physical that night and Madison began threatening the woman and her family. He then forced her to undress, get into a bathtub and stimulate himself while he splashed on her, the woman said Tuesday.

He forced her to perform oral sex and then raped her, she said Tuesday.

But her statements on the stand Tuesday vary from the ones she made to law enforcement, Morton said through questioning. Both Morton and the state, represented by Senior Assistant State's Attorney Amy Blank Ocampo and Senior Assistant State's Attorney Brenda Harkavy, played portions of the recorded interview for the jury.

When Morton played the interview, the woman could be seen crying on the stand.

In the recorded interview, the woman tells Emminizer that Madison had grabbed and scratched at her chest in an attempt to rip her heart out; made her strip and get into the bathtub; and while in the bathroom, made a threat to cut off her legs.

Madison told her that he was going to have sex with her and it would be worse if she fought, she says in the interview. At one point, he started to massage her chest before asking for oral sex and then raping her, the woman tells the detective.

"I thought this was it. We all have to die of something, and I thought this was it," she tells the detective in the recorded interview.

The woman testified Wednesday that she did not remember telling Emminizer that Madison forced her to clean him while in the bathroom, but she did remember telling the detective that Madison made her clean him after he forced her to have oral sex.

She also did not remember on Wednesday that she had told Emminizer in the recorded interview that Madison had threatened to rip off her pants after he forced her to perform oral sex, she said. On Tuesday, the woman had testified that she was naked from the moment she was forced into the bathroom until she was raped.

But while the woman did not remember all the details of the night of the alleged rape, she testified Wednesday that she never consented to Madison hurting her jaw, never consented to oral sex and never consented to sex with Madison.

The trial will continue around 9:30 a.m. Thursday with testimony from Carroll Hospital Forensic Nurse Tracy Yingling.