Police investigating thefts from cars in Hampstead

Hampstead police are seeking the owners of property stolen out of vehicles in the Roberts Field development area in recent weeks.

Officers are investigating the thefts — which occurred from unlocked vehicles overnight — and believe that a group of juveniles are responsible, according to Chief Ken Meekins. Any charges will be filed in juvenile court.


"We had several [teenagers] that are in desperate need of adult supervision who have been going out at night and checking car doors until they find one that's unlocked," Meekins said.

Items taken included gym bags, electronics and coins, according to Meekins. Several unsecured bicycles have also been stolen — related incidents, Meekins believes.

Police have recovered some of the stolen property, some of which was sold or pawned, according to Meekins.

While many victims have come forward and claimed their property, some items are still in police custody, Meekins said, either because people haven't realized the items are missing or just assumed they wouldn't get them back.

Meekins urges residents of Whetstone Court, Boxwood Drive, Marksman Court and North Woods Trail to check their vehicles for any missing items and contact the police station at 410-239-8954.

Meekins also asked residents to take the time to lock their car doors to avoid leaving other property unsecured.

"If we could just get people to lock their cars and secure their valuables we could cut down on crime," Meekins said.

Sykesville police are also reporting instances of items stolen from cars recently, according to Chief Michael Spaulding.


At least five vehicles had items taken between June 30 and July 2, Spaulding said Monday. All of the vehicles were unlocked.