Westminster man sentenced to 1 year for threat with pellet gun

Austin Michael Fabrick will serve one year in jail for threatening a woman with a pellet gun last year. <a href="http://bit.ly/1MJFn1L">Full story</a>
Austin Michael Fabrick will serve one year in jail for threatening a woman with a pellet gun last year. Full story (HANDOUT)

A Westminster man will serve one year in jail for threatening a woman with a pellet gun last year.

Austin Michael Fabrick, 21, of the 100 block of S. Court St., pleaded not guilty but agreed not to challenge the state's version of the facts to one count of second-degree assault in May. He was sentenced to five years in prison with all but one year suspended and credit for time served. He has been held at the Carroll County Detention Center since his arrest Dec. 14.


Public defender Thomas Nugent Jr. said evaluations revealed Fabrick has a history of mental health issues and placed him on the spectrum of schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations.

"Mr. Fabrick, perhaps, was a bad scenario waiting to happen," Nugent said.

On Dec. 13, Fabrick pulled out a pellet gun and threatened his then-girlfriend, according to Senior Assistant State's Attorney Melissa Hockensmith. The victim could not tell at the time that the gun was not a firearm.

Hockensmith said the victim tried to break up with Fabrick on several occasions but was unable to because she was afraid. On one occasion, she said, Fabrick held a knife to his own neck.

Hockensmith also said Fabrick reported that his auditory hallucinations command him to hit other people, but he is able to ignore the commands, depending on how connected he feels to the world. Fabrick also described instances of paranoia, she said.

Fabrick told Judge Michael M. Galloway he has a long psychiatric history but prior to this incident he hadn't harmed anyone since he was 17.

"Since I've been on my meds, I've been a lot more in touch," he said. "I highly regret my actions."

Galloway said there is always a concern that defendants who have mental health issues will not take their prescribed medications once released.

"This case gives me concern for a number of reasons," he said.

Galloway said he would submit a request for Fabrick to have furloughs from the detention center to find employment and ordered him to comply with the transition plan created by the jail that details Fabrick's treatment and resources.

Galloway also ordered Fabrick to be evaluated for substance abuse issues, take all medications as prescribed, and have no contact with the victim or her family.