Sandra Lee Combs
Sandra Lee Combs (Submitted photo,)

A woman charged in two instances of threatening to harm herself and police entered a plea agreement Wednesday and will soon be released to a mental health treatment facility while awaiting sentencing.

Sandra Lee Combs, 42, of no fixed address, pleaded not guilty but agreed not to challenge the state's version of the facts to reckless endangerment and carrying a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure in two cases, one in October 2013 and one in June.


Judge Thomas F. Stansfield scheduled sentencing for Jan. 7.

On Oct. 31, 2013, deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office responded to a residence to assist with a person threatening suicide, later identified as Combs, according to the statement of facts read into the record by Senior Assistant State's Attorney Adam Wells.

Deputies stood at the bottom of the stairs of the residence and negotiated with Combs, who was on the top floor with a knife, according to the statement of facts.

Deputies continued to ask Combs to drop the weapon and reconsider, but she pointed the knife at deputies and advanced, lunging at them, according to the statement of facts.

Combs was restrained and taken into custody.

In June, officers from the Taneytown Police Department were dispatched to a residence where a female caller, later identified as Combs, said an individual she did not know was in her home, according to the statement of facts.

Police arrived and Combs told them the man had threatened her, according to statement of facts. While speaking with Combs, the officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and slurred speech.

The man told police that he had been living at the residence for approximately four weeks and was a friend of Combs but agreed to leave the premises, according to the statement of facts. He also told police that Combs had made comments about wanting to kill herself.

When police expressed concern for Combs' safety and asked to take her to the hospital, the statement reads, she excused herself, walked into the kitchen, picked up a knife and pointed it at one of the officers.

Combs ignored verbal commands to drop the knife but eventually placed it on the counter, according to the statement of facts.

Combs also resisted arrest while being taken into custody, according to the statement of facts.

Public defender Judson Larrimore told Stansfield on Wednesday that Combs is struggling with mental health issues and alcohol dependence, and though she is currently homeless, she has a transition plan in place to receive in-patient treatment.

A representative from the Carroll County Health Department told Stansfield that because Combs is homeless she was at the top of the waiting list to enter treatment and can be placed as soon as next week.

Stansfield ordered that Combs be released and placed under a high level of supervision until she is officially admitted to the treatment facility. She is expected to stay at a shelter until she enters treatment.


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