Union Bridge man arrested after allegedly assaulting man with knife

James Edward Clements was arrested May 7 after he allegedly assaulted his friend outside of a bar. <a href="" target="_blank">Full story here</a>.
James Edward Clements was arrested May 7 after he allegedly assaulted his friend outside of a bar. Full story here.

A Union Bridge man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly assaulted his friend outside of a bar.

James Edward Clements, 46, of unit block of North Main Street, was charged with one count of first-degree assault and one count of second-degree assault. He was held on $15,000 bond, which he posted Saturday, and was released, according to electronic court records.


Clements and his friend got into a physical altercation on Friday night after Clements asked his friend to return a vehicle and a credit card he had borrowed, according to a statement of probable cause.

Clements, who had called the police, told deputies with the Sheriff's Office that his friend allegedly sent him multiple threatening text messages before arriving at the bar. Clements said he "armed himself with a kitchen knife" before going to the bar because of the text messages, according to the statement.

According to Clements, he met up with the friend on the sidewalk outside of the bar, where he allegedly pulled the knife out of his pocket and held the butt end of the knife against his friends throat before throwing it into the street. The friend and the friend's wife then allegedly began to attack him before they fled and Clements went to his apartment to call the police, according to the statement.

Deputies followed up with the friend and his wife, who said that the friend had a knife cut on his throat. The friend told the deputies that he was smoking outside with his wife when Clements came outside pushed him against the wall and held a kitchen knife to his throat while threatening to kill him, according to the statement.

The friend said he pushed Clements away, and his wife got in between he two men to try and stop the fight. The friend said that Clements then threw the knife into the street and grabbed his wife's legs and attempted to lift her. When Clements dropped the wife, she and the friend ran away.

His wife confirmed his version of events, according to the statement.

The bar's bartender observed the altercation, and told deputies that he saw Clements and the friend punch and push each other around, but did not see a knife until Clements threw it into the street, according to the statement.

No charges had been filed against the friend as of 5 p.m. Monday.

A call to Clements went to voicemail Monday.