A Pennsylvania man is being held without bond at the Carroll County Detention Center after being transferred from a New Jersey prison to be served with a warrant for theft charges.

Charles Alexander Burt, 60, of Doylestown, is charged with theft $10,000 to less than $100,000, according to electronic court files. He was served with the warrant, which was issued in August 2011, on Aug. 2 of this year.


According to an application for statement of charges filed by the alleged victim in June 2011, the victim paid Burt $17,150 for collectible Iraqi currency which he in turn planned to sell to collectors on the auction website ebay.com, according to the statement.

The alleged victim sent Burt two cashier's checks and one personal check, all of which were cashed immediately, according to the statement.

Burt allegedly sent the victim postal service tracking numbers for the orders which were not in the U.S. Postal Service system, according to the statement, and later admitted that he spent the money and never shipped anything.

The alleged victim never received a refund or the currency he paid for, according to the statement.

The detention center was instructed not to release Burt under any circumstances as he was transported under the Interstate Agreement on Detainers and is serving his New Jersey Department of Corrections sentence while incarcerated in Carroll County, according to court records.

Burt is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Oct. 3 in the District Court of Maryland for Carroll County, according to electronic court files.

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