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New Windsor man charged in death of Kandi Gerber to go to trial Tuesday

The jury trial for a New Windsor man charged in the summer death of New Windsor resident Kandi Gerber is slated to begin Tuesday.

Robert Theodore Bosley, 39, formerly of the 2000 block of Dennings Road, is charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault in the August death of Gerber. Bret Michael Wheeler, 25, Gerber's then-boyfriend, also of the 2000 block of Dennings Road, is also charged in Gerber's death.


Bosley was an inmate on work release at the time of Gerber's death. He allegedly killed her because she had called to report that he was not showing up at his assigned workplace.

Bosley's trial begins Tuesday, a day after Judge Barry Hughes will hear a motion to compel Wheeler to testify in Bosley's trial. While being interviewed by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Wheeler told the interviewing detective that Bosley killed Gerber and described how Bosley handed him the razor he used to cut Gerber's throat. Wheeler wrapped the knife in plastic and then put it in a fire pit in the house's yard, according to footage of Wheeler's interview.


During Wheeler's interview, he told the detectives that Bosley was upset with Gerber for reporting that he was not going to his assigned work release. Wheeler drove Bosley to the house they shared in the 2000 block of Dennings Road, where Bosley was supposed to speak with Gerber and evict her from the house, according to previous Times reporting.

Wheeler allegedly persuaded two adults that were also at the residence to take a juvenile out of the house and to a convenience store, and he followed them to make sure they went.

When Wheeler returned to the Dennings Road address, he allegedly told the detective that he found Bosley had slit Gerber's throat, according to the interview footage, although his statement varies slightly between saying she was still alive and gurgling to her already being dead when he arrived home.

Bosley and Wheeler allegedly took Gerber's body and drove it to the intersection of Old Washington and Muller roads, where it was ultimately found by Sheriff's Office deputies. Bosley and Wheeler were discovered at a home on the 700 block of S. Springdale Road in New Windsor, where they had gone to allegedly clean up.

Bosley and Wheeler were allegedly found at the home by two deputies after the Sheriff's Office had received a call from the two residents of the Dennings Road residence who had called 911 after finding blood inside. Another man, whom Bosley and Wheeler allegedly called for assistance, also called 911.

When Deputy Daren Metzler and another deputy arrived at the S. Springdale Road property, Bosley was allegedly standing in the residence garage, while Wheeler was sitting in a yellow Toyota truck. Metzler testified during Bosley's criminal motions hearing in March that he saw a long, oval-shaped pool of blood in the bed of the truck, according to the memorandum opinion and order issued by Judge Hughes.

Bosley and Wheeler separately attempted to suppress the interviews given to the Sheriff's Office after their arrests. Hughes denied Bosley's request, while Judge Fred Hecker denied the majority of Wheeler's request.

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Bosley was interviewed by Sgt. Brandon Holland, and during the interview, which lasted about three and a half hours, Bosley told Holland that Gerber had taken the razor from the bathroom and committed suicide by cutting her own throat, according to interview footage from the February criminal motions.


Bosley's attorneys, Ned Curry and Joseph Murtha, argued that Bosley had been interviewed by Holland without being read his Miranda rights and had given his statements involuntarily.

According to the opinion that Hughes entered on March 31, about 46 days after hearing testimony and arguments, Hughes decided that the preponderance of evidence suggested that Holland did not violate Bosley's Miranda rights and Bosley gave his statements voluntarily.

Bosley's trial is slated to last about two weeks, with the final day scheduled for May 1.