Robert Charles Schech Sr., 70, formerly of Hampstead, is accused of intentionally setting fires in his residence on Nov. 13, 2016 in order to prevent his wife Donna Schech from escaping.

Judge finds Hampstead man accused of arson-murder not guilty

A Carroll County Circuit Court Judge on Friday found a Hampstead man not guilty of all charges related to the death of his wife in a November 2016 fire.

Judge's deliberation continues 11 days after closing arguments in Schech murder trial

The verdict of a murder and arson case conducted as a bench trial continues to be deliberated.

Judge to deliver verdict in Schech murder trial

Judge Thomas Stansfield is expected to deliver a verdict in the arson murder case of Robert C. Schech Sr., a Hampstead man accused of setting fire to his house while his wife, Donna Marie Schech, was inside at the time in November 2016.

Closing arguments conclude in Schech murder trial, judge deliberating verdict

Closing arguments for Robert Schech Sr.'s trial finished up Friday. The date for a verdict will be announced later.

Defense rests during ninth day of Schech murder trial

The defense rested their case in the ninth day of trial for Robert Schech Sr..

Defense's expert witness in Schech murder trial: fire was accidental

The defense for Robert Schech Sr. called expert witness Craig Beyler, who testified that the Nov. 13, 2016, fatal fire was accidental and originated in the bedroom.

State begins cross-examination of Schech in day 7 of murder trial

On Monday, May 7, Robert Schech Sr. took the stand to testify in his own defense before court recessed for the evening. Tuesday morning, May 8, Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Jason League began his cross-examination.

Robert Schech Sr. testifies in his own defense on sixth day of murder trial

Donna Schech’s blood displayed a carbon monoxide saturation level of 34 percent and there was evidence of soot in her upper airways, leading the OCME to conclude that she was alive at the time of the fire.

Expert witness in murder trial says fatal fire was intentional, defense questions investigation

A senior deputy state fire marshal testified Friday that evidence from the fire scene did not support some of Robert Schech Sr.'s statements to investigators. The defense questioned whether the fire investigation and report were thorough.

Crime scene details emerge in day four of Schech murder trial

The state called fire and criminal investigators to testify about their findings at the scene of the alleged arson and murder in the trial of Robert Schech Sr.

Day 3 of murder trial: Footage shows detective accusing Schech of lying during interview

The narrative presented by Robert Schech Sr. was called into question by a detective during video footage of an interview shown Wednesday, May 2, during the third day of Schech’s murder trial.

State hears testimony from forensic investigator, detective in second day of Schech trial

Additional witnesses for the prosecution testified during day two of the trial of Robert Schech Sr.

Schech murder trial begins with opening arguments, testimony

Both sides presented opening arguments in the first day of bench trial for Robert Schech.

Murder, arson trial of Hampstead man to begin Monday

On Monday, April 30, the trial of Robert Charles Schech Sr., a Hampstead man indicted on charges including first-degree arson and first-degree murder, will begin in Carroll County Circuit Court.

Robert Schech denied bail in arson, murder case

The Hampstead man arrested in relation to the house fire that killed a woman last month will remain in jail without bail.

Husband of woman who died in Hampstead fire charged with her killing, arson

Police have arrested the husband of a woman who died in a house fire in Hampstead last month and plan to charge him with setting the fire that killed her.

Investigation continuing into weekend Hampstead fire

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is continuing to investigate a Hampstead fire that left one dead over the weekend.

One dead, one injured in Hampstead fire

35 firefighters from several fire companies responded to a fire in the 2600 block of Hoffman Mill Road around 1:29 a.m. Sunday.