Former Westminster woman allegedly confesses to wielding meat cleaver in November attack in Littlestown

Beth Amanda Sattizahn, AKA, Sattizahn-Lane
Beth Amanda Sattizahn, AKA, Sattizahn-Lane

A former Westminster woman being held at the Carroll County Detention Center on assault charges has allegedly confessed to a separate, meat cleaver assault and home invasion caught on a security camera in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, in November.

Beth Amanda Sattizahn, also known as Sattizahn-Lane or Sattizhn-Lane, 39, — most recently of the 4600 block of Greenhill Avenue, Baltimore, according to electronic Maryland court records, but previously of West Green Street in Westminster — has been charged in Pennsylvania with aggravated assault, burglary and criminal trespass, according to a media release by the Littlestown Borough Police Department.


The charges stem from Nov. 11, when borough police responded to a home on the 100 block of West King Street, Littlestown, just before midnight for a call of a woman “screaming for help,” according to the release.

A police investigation found that a man and woman had entered the home with the man brandishing a wooden club and a meat cleaver. The man then assaulted a man at the home, according to the release. The woman, who was carrying pepper spray, then used the meat cleaver to assault a second victim at the home before she and the club-carrying man destroyed a fish tank, TV and other household items and then left in a silver Ford Escape.

The first part of the home invasion was caught on an in-home security video — the footage shows a male with a white covering on the top of his head, black covering on his mouth, black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants enter the home with a large wooden rod in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other. Behind him is a white female in a hooded blue sweatshirt and ripped blue jeans.

At the time, Littlestown Borough police Chief Charles Kellar told the Carroll County Times that he believed there could be “Maryland ties” to the incident.

It was that video footage that Makailah Maczis, of Taneytown, began sharing on Facebook. Makailah Maczis previously told the Carroll County Times that she had gotten a call just after midnight on Nov. 12 from her father, Aric Maczis, and stepmother Joey Maczis — it was their home that the couple had invaded, and Aric who the man allegedly assaulted with the club.

“I don’t feel safe,” Aric Maczis told the Times in an interview following the attack. “I don’t know what it is. … Like, did these people come here to rob us?”

Sattizahn’s alleged role as the pepper spray and cleaver-wielding woman would only come to light months later, after she was arrested in North Carolina while fleeing an arrest warrant issued in Carroll County.

On April 25, Sattizahn and Andrew Lane, 48, of the same Baltimore address as Sattizahn, according to electronic Maryland court records, allegedly robbed a man from whom they had been renting rooms in his West Green Street home in Westminster. The pair allegedly ordered him at gunpoint into the home’s basement, struck him in the face, tied him to a chair with zip ties and bungee cords and left with his debit cards and $600 in cash.

An arrest warrant was issued for both Lane and Sattizahn on April 25, but it was not served until May 18, after the pair was extradited back to Carroll County after being caught in North Carolina. They both were charged with multiple counts including armed robbery, first-degree assault and false imprisonment, and Lane was charged with additional counts associated with possessing of a handgun while prohibited by previous felony charges.

Both Lane and Sattizahn have been held without bond at the Carroll County Detention Center, which is where an officer from the Littlestown Borough Police interviewed Sattizahn on May 20, and she allegedly confessed to her involvement in the home invasion of Nov. 11.

Sattizahn allegedly told borough police that she and her late husband, Dale Sattizhan, had entered the Littlestown home in order to “scare” people living there over a drug debt, according to the borough police media release. Dale Sattizahn was struck and killed by a vehicle on Jan. 25 while crossing Md. 140 on foot in Finksburg. Borough police noted in the release that Dale Sattizahn’s death was not related to the November incident.

Beth Sattizahn also allegedly emphasized to police that Aric and Joey Maczis were not the people she and Dale had hoped to scare in the attack, according to the release.