Westminster man arrested in relation to burglary, assault charges

Westminster man arrested in relation to burglary, assault charges
Nathaniel Jacob Eckard (Courtesy photo)

A Westminster man was arrested Thursday in relation to burglary charges.

Nathaniel Jacob Eckard, 19, of the 800 block of Ewing Drive, was charged with first-degree burglary, third-degree burglary, second-degree assault, and theft $100 to $1,500, according to electronic court records.


Eckard was arrested Thursday by Maryland State Police on charges stemming from a July 26 incident, according to electronic court records.

He was held on a $5,000 bail initially, but then was held without bond following a Friday bail review.

According to the statement of charges, the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division began investigating a July 26 altercation that was reported as a first-degree assault and home invasion.

A man who resides in Westminster told police that on July 26, he had seen a man with whom he had existing conflict drive by his residence multiple times throughout the day. The man also sent him provoking messages, he told police, according to the statement.

Later in the day, the Westminster resident left his home to go to the mailbox, and the suspect exited his vehicle and came onto his property accompanied by another man, later identified as Eckard.

The resident said he fled toward his home, but Eckard and the other man forced their way inside and kicked and hit him multiple times, he told police. Troopers observed injuries to his body, according to the statement.

It is unclear through electronic court records if the other man Eckard accompanied has been charged in relation to the incident.

Troopers made contact with that man later the same day. He said the resident had been sending Eckard hostile messages throughout the day of July 26 using an anonymous account. When they deduced it was the resident, they knocked on the door of his residence with the intention to talk, he said, according to police.

They found the resident there with a kitchen knife taped to a pole and two hammers. He told police he attempted to make peace with the resident, but when he reached out to shake his hand, the resident reached for one of the hammers. Feeling threatened, the man began to hit the resident. He was uncertain if Eckard was involved, he said, according to the statement.

Police issued a search warrant for the Facebook accounts of all allegedly involved and results were returned on Aug. 24. In a July 27 post and a later message sent by Eckard, he indicated that he and the other man had beaten the resident. Messages between the other man and the resident indicated that they were in contact July 26 and that the resident had sent hostile messages and that the other man had indicated that he wanted to talk, according to the statement.

The resident was interviewed by police on Sept. 3. He said he had felt threatened by the man on July 26 and had tucked a hammer in his belt. He said he never had a knife, according to the statement. He admitted to taunting the man and sending messages that may have agitated him and Eckard.

A court date is scheduled for Nov. 9.