Michelle and Steven McElroy
Michelle and Steven McElroy (Courtesy Photo)

A man and woman from Taneytown were arrested Friday after school officials reported alleged signs of child neglect including missed school days and hygiene concerns.

Steven and Michelle McElroy, of the 100 block of Carnival Drive, were each charged with six counts of neglect of a minor and five counts of failing to send a child to school. Michelle McElroy, 34, is being held without bond following a Monday bail review and Steven McElroy, 40, is being held on $25,000 bond after a Monday bail review and had not yet posted bond as of 4 p.m. Tuesday.


According to the statement of charges, five children were removed from their care by Child Protective Services (CPS). One child was removed on June 27 due to severe lice infestation and tooth decay. The remaining four were removed after Michelle McElroy allegedly overdosed while the children were in her care on July 18.

A detective of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office collected evidence regarding the alleged neglect that led to the conclusion that the children’s “education, medical necessities, development, and psychological health were greatly impacted,” according to the statement.

This included missed school, canceled doctor’s appointments, “significant lice infestation for several years” according to Carroll County Public School records, and what CPS called “extreme developmental delay,” according to the statement.

The Department of Social Services and a pupil personnel worker with the school system each offered significant assistance to the family, according to the statement.

A warrant for arrest for each was issued on Jan. 3.

A court date is scheduled for March. 21.